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161 Notes 1. Common Ground in Small Towns 1. Chris Vlahoplus, United Press International, 20–22 May 1961, as appeared in the East St. Louis Journal. Louisa H. Bowen University Archives and Special Collections, Southern Illinois University–Edwardsville (hereinafter cited as Bowen Archives). See also “Speaker Powell’s Typical Day Starts with Talks Night Before,” Associated Press, 7 June 1961. Bowen Archives. 2. Powell family roots are deep in eighteenth-century southern Illinois history ,althoughdetailsarescant.SourcesincludeJohnsonCounty,Illinois,History and Families (Paducah: Turner, 1990); George Washington Smith, A History of Southern Illinois, a Narrative Account of Its Historical Papers, Its People and Its Principal Interests (Chicago: Lewis, 1912), vol. 1, 492; John H. Keiser, Building fortheCenturies:Illinois1862–1898(Urbana:UniversityofIllinoisPress,1977); John W. Allen, Legends and Lore of Southern Illinois (Carbondale: Southern IllinoisUniversityPress ,1963);andHoward,Illinois:AHistoryofthePrairieState. 3. Gary Hacker, from many interviews with the author over the years, tells of finances for operation of the Thomas Powell home and keeping it open to the public as wished by Paul Powell. It opened in 1979. 4. A few Powell personal items remained in the house, but the bulk of Powell ’s papers is kept at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library, Springfield, IL (hereinafter cited as ALPL). The state library received Powell’s papers as a gift from John Rendleman, executor of Powell’s estate. 5. Gary Hacker, interview with author and personal tour of house, 21 Feb. 1998. 162 Notes to Pages 8–15 6. Royce Hundley, interview with author, 21 Feb. 1998. 7. Mike McCormick, personal interview, 8 July 2010, with Mark DePue, director of the ALPL oral history program. The interview provides the recollectionsofhisfather ’stimeinVienna.C. L. McCormickearnedthetitle“Great Entertainer” during his legislative years for his gift of storytelling. 8. McCormick interview. 9.Hacker,interviewwithauthor,citedanoralhistorytapemadebyHerbert Hook with Levi Locke of Vienna. Reports of the accident are mostly from oral recollections. 10. Hundley interview. 11. Michael Sneed, “Inside the Shoe Box Scandal,” Chicago Magazine, Oct. 1978, 247. 12. “Johnson County Honors Speaker Paul Powell,” Vienna Times, 24 Mar. 1961; James Walker, interview with author 21 Feb. 1998, and tape recording of Powell’s dinner speech. 13. Hundley interview. 14. Hartley, Paul Powell of Illinois, 17–22; “Paul Powell, Secretary of State, Biography 1965,” Paul Powell Papers (hereinafter cited as PP Papers); Richard H. Icen, “Paul Powell Story: Cumulative Voting Kept Him Going,” Metro-East Journal, 26 Jan. 1971. Bowen Archives. 15. Sneed, “Inside the Shoe Box Scandal.” 16. Hundley interview. 17. “Johnson County Honors Speaker Paul Powell.” 18. Walker interview. 19. Ibid. 20. “A Final Round of Applause for Powell,” Chicago Tribune, 16 July 1978. A similar version was told by Paul O’Neal in Chicago Magazine, Oct. 1978. 21. Walker interview, also tape recording of Powell dinner. 22.PaulPowell,inheritancetaxreturn(amended),filed3June1976,Illinois State Circuit Court, Johnson County. 23. Paul Powell, Last Will and Testament. Also, Sneed, “Inside the Shoe Box Scandal”; Hartley, Paul Powell of Illinois, 180. 24. Leo Brown, Vienna physician and friend of Powell, in interview with author, Feb. 1998. 25. Robert W. Sink, “Choate Unscathed by Stock Scandal,” Decatur Herald and Review, 16 Apr. 1972. 26. Illinois Deaths and Stillbirths Index, 1916–1947, James I. Choate, birth date 28 Apr. 1876, Anna, Union County, Illinois,, provided by ALPL. Notes to Pages 15–20 163 27. 100 Years of Progress: The Centennial History of Anna, Illinois, Anna Centennial Committee (Cape Girardeau: Missourian Printing and Stationery Co., 1954), 8. Obtained online from the library of the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. 28. 100 Years of Progress, 12. 29. Ibid., 13. 30. Ibid., 16. 31. Ibid., 17. 32. Ibid., 25–26. 33. Ibid., 23. 34. Twelfth Census of the United States, 1900, Anna, Union County, Illinois , roll 346,, ALPL. 35. Thirteenth Census of the United States, 1910, Anna Ward 1, Union County,Illinois,NationalArchives,rollT624_329,p.4A,,ALPL. 36. “East St. Louis Journal Biography,” signed by Clyde L. Choate, 25 Oct. 1960.BowenArchives;also,lettertoauthor,12Nov.2013,fromGwenPodeschi, reference librarian, ALPL. 37. World War I draft registration card, Franklin County, Illinois, Local Board, 12 Sept. 1918, registration roll 1613400,, ALPL. See also Sink, “Choate Unscathed.” 38. Hartley and Kenney, Death Underground, 4–12. 39. Fourteenth Census of the United States, 1920, West Frankfort, Franklin County, Illinois, National Archives, roll T625_364,, ALPL. 40. “East St. Louis Journal Biography.” 41. Angle, Bloody Williamson, 73. 42. Nameoki, Illinois, city directory,, City Directories l821– 1989, ALPL. 43. Illinois Deaths...


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