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Plate 1. High-rise building at the Horner Homes under demolition, summer 2005. Phased demolition and redevelopment began at the Horner complex in 1995. Demolitions of original buildings continued through 2008 and are now complete; redevelopment is ongoing. Plate 2. Seal of the Chicago Housing Authority hanging in the lobby of its former headquarters, 2006. The seal probably dates from the late 1950s or early 1960s, the years the CHA moved toward high-rise housing. Plate 3. CHANGE pennant, 2005. Felt pennant waved by children on the Chicago Housing Authority’s parade float at the Bud Billiken Day Parade in Bronzeville, August 2005. In the hands of child residents, this pennant fit the theme of the parade. It invokes high school and college pennants and, with them, hopes of mobility through education. Plate 4. West Haven Rising, 2006. Mural commissioned by the Near West Side Community Development Corporation and funded by LISC/Chicago. “West Haven” is a designation favored by Near West to include not just the Horner redevelopment but also the surrounding area. ...