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xi Note on Transliteration and Sources I have used the customary English spelling for Marathi and other Indian-language words and have tried to keep the spellings as simple and understandable as possible. When I quote from a source, I retain the transliteration and spelling of the source. Most Indian-language words are italicized, except where the word is easily recognizable in English. There are a few Marathi words that are consistently used in the text and I give their pronunciations here: sathottari is pronounced as sāṭhottari katta is pronounced as kaṭṭā Translations, when not attributed, are mine; I mention the source of another’s translation. I have interviewed people associated with the writing community in and around Bombay over the last eleven years and therefore do not list each interview I have recorded. Where I refer to a personal interview or to statements made, they are part of the series of conversations held over many years. The names of a few sources require explanation: Sarpa Satra: Sarpa Satra. Mumbai: Pras Prakashan, 2004 (to be distinguished from “sarpa satra,” a long poetic sequence in Bhijaki Vahi; the quotes around an italicized title indicate it is a poem and not a book). xii ❘ Note on Transliteration and Sources Kolatkar Papers: Unpublished papers, drafts of poems, and diary entries in Marathi and in English, including sketches by the poet, a musical score of “The Butterfly,” the Balwant Bua book proposal for Penguin (1986), the manuscript of the long narrative Balwant Bua, the manuscript on Royan, newspaper clippings, and notes. Clearing House Papers: Unpublished personal correspondence between Adil Jussawalla and Arvind Krishna Mehrotra, compiled by Jerry Pinto. Adil Jussawalla Papers: Papers, including personal correspondence and magazine clippings. ...


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