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Contents Note on Transliteration and Sources xi List of Illustrations xiii Acknowledgments xv Introduction: Archiving the Ephemeral 3 part one The Context Overview: The Sathottari Period 35 1. Little Magazines and the New Space for Literary Writing 40 2. Small Presses and Stabilizing the “Littles” 74 3. Translation and the Local Nexus of the Global in Sathottari Indian Literature 106 part two The Texts Overview: Arun Kolatkar’s Life and Work 135 4. The Book as a Little Magazine: The Cosmopolitan Localism of Bhijaki Vahi 140 x ❘ Contents 5. Material Modernisms of Small Press Publishing in Jejuri, Kala Ghoda Poems, and Sarpa Satra 168 6. The Rough Ground of Translation in the Marathi and English Jejuri 195 Epilogue: No Singular Truths 213 Notes 219 Bibliography 263 Index 281 ...


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