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Acknowledgments The idea for this volume was suggested by my wife, Margaret Marsh, and I am very grateful for her encouragement and support for making the book a reality. Robert Lockhart, Penn Press’s history editor, was equally supportive during the period of the book’s development, and I look forward to continued work with him in the years ahead. A semester’s leave from Rutgers helped me launch this project. An earlier draft of the manuscript benefited greatly from the review and commentary of David Schuyler and an additional anonymous reader. The book incorporates many of the ideas that have informed my career over the past forty years. I am indebted to the many colleagues whose work I cite in this volume. Their writing has opened the field of urban history to many new insights and considerations, helping guide me in my thinking over the years. Changes to the reprinted chapters have been kept to a minimum, with only modest changes to introductions to facilitate the flow between chapters and a few notes added to acknowledge subsequent writing on the topic. Chapter 3, originally titled ‘‘Film as Artifact: The City,’’ is reprinted with permission from American Studies 28, 2 (Fall 1977): 71–85. Thanks again to Willard Van Dyke, Ralph Steiner, Bernard Mergen, and Frederick Gutheim for their criticisms of an earlier draft of the essay, which was presented at the Fifth Biennial Convention of the American Studies Association , November 6, 1975. Thanks also went to Professor William Alexander of the University of Michigan for sharing material and insights he gathered in conducting a history of the documentary film tradition in America. The City can be viewed online at the Prelinger archive at CityTheP1939. Chapter 4, originally titled ‘‘The Evolution of Neighborhood Planning: From the Progressive Era to the 1949 Housing Act,’’ is reprinted with permission from Journal of Urban History 9, 4 (August 1983): 421–44. Chapter 5, ‘‘The Planned Shopping Center in Suburb and City,’’ originally appeared in Journal of the American Planning Association 51, 4 (AuPAGE 223 ................. 17669$ $ACK 02-23-10 13:51:36 PS 224 Acknowledgments tumn 1985): 449–60. It was based on a paper presented at the Ninth Biennial American Studies Association convention in Philadelphia, November 4, 1983 and at the Eighteenth Annual Indian American Studies Association convention in Hardwar, India, April 4, 1984. Thanks went to George Washington University colleagues Frederick Gutheim and Richard Longstreth, for their comments on earlier versions of the article, and to C. Ford Petross, curator of architecture, design, and engineering collections in the Division of Prints and Photographs at the Library of Congress. Petross made portions of Victor Gruen’s papers, then not in circulation, available to me in May 1984. Chapter 6, originally titled ‘‘Assessing James Rouse’s Role in American City Planning,’’ has been reprinted with permission from Journal of the American Planning Association 65, 2 (Spring 1999): 151–67. PAGE 224 ................. 17669$ $ACK 02-23-10 13:51:37 PS ...


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