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73 Impossibility About ten years ago, I began to develop a theory of impossible objects. That is, objects, things, substances and places about which I had an obsessive relation. The three objects concepts picked out at that time for special treatment were poetry, humour and music and I have tried to write about these in various books and talks over the years. What unified my relation to these objects was the fact that whatever I said about these things would not, in principle, succeed in pinning them down, defining or appropriating them: do we need a philosopher to explain why we laugh before we find things funny? Of course not. Ditto for poetry and music. Having established this taste for impossibility and my own philosophical redundancy, I have decided to expand its field to try and catalogue those impossible objects in no particular order, other than that with which they force themselves on my mind. These fragments 74 are a collection of ladders that can be kicked away in order to look directly at those things of which it is not possible to speak. ...


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