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BIBLIOGRAPHY I. Guides to Historical Materials II. Parliamentary Minutes, Law Collections, State Documents, International Treaties III. Newspapers, Letters, Memoirs, Writings IV. Records of the Artisan Movement V. General Works VI. Special Works BIBLIOGRAPHY I. GUIDES TO HISTORICAL MATERIALS No complete bibliographical account of the scholarly literature dealing with the period of the German Confederation has ever been undertaken. Dahlmann-W aitz, Quellenkunde der deutschen Geschichte, 9th ed. (2 vols., Leipzig, 1931-32) names more than two thousand publications, but its treatment of documentary materials is inadequate. The same criticism may be directed against Veit Valentin, Geschichte der deutschen Revolution von 1848-49 ( 2 vols., Berlin, I930-3 I), which contains a list of some fifteen hundred books and a comprehensive critical essay. Paul W entzcke, Kritische Bibliographie der Flugschriften zur deutschen Verfassungsfrage , I848-18sz (Halle a. S., 1911) is a guide to the pamphlets and tracts of I 848 concerning constitutional problems. The best description of writings appearing since the fall of the Weimar Republic is presented in Jacques Droz, Les revolutions allemandes de 1848 (Paris, 1957). There is not much else, for the bibliographies in Rudolf Stadelmann, Soziale und politische Geschichte der Revolution von 1848 (Munich, I948) and Jacques Droz, "Travaux recents sur la revolution de I848 en Allemagne," Revue d'histoire moderne et contemporaine, I (I 954) are hardly more than sketches, while the survey in the Historische Zeitschrift, CLXX (1950), 66o-665 is confined to works written in celebration of the centennial of the March days. The great co-operative histories like Lord Acton's The Cambridge Modern History, ed. A. W. Ward, G. \V. Prothero, and Stanley Leathes (I 4 vols., Cambridge and New York, I 902-12); Histoire generate du IV" siecle anos jours, ed. Ernest Lavisse and Alfred Rambaud (I 2 vols., Paris, 1893-I901); and Peuples et civilisations, ed. Louis Halphen and Philippe Sagnac ( 20 vols., Paris, I 926-45) contain only short lists of obvious titles. Of the attempts to analyze the historiography of the Revolution the most ambitious is the unpublished doctoral dissertation submitted to Columbia University in 1955 by Kurt Schwerin, The Revolution of 1848 and the German Historians. More modest in scope are two review articles by Axel BIBLIOGRAPHY von Harnack, "Die Paulskirche im Wandel der Geschichtsauffassung ," Zeitschrift fur Politik, XII (I 922) and "Die deutsche Revolution von I 848-49 als Aufgabe fur den Geschichtsschreiber," Sammlung, III (I 948), and a study of the changing fashions in scholarship by J. A. Hawgood, "The Frankfurt Parliament of 1848-49,'' History, XVII (1932). Theodore S. Hamerow, "History and the German Revolution of I 848," American Historical Review, LX (I954) criticizes the narrowly political and ideological approaches to I 848. II. PARLIAMENTARY MINUTES, LAW COLLECTIONS , STATE DOCUMENTS, INTERNATIONAL TREATIES The most important sources for the history of the Revolution are the verbatim reports of the deliberations in St. Paul's Church edited by Franz Wigard under the title Stenographischer Bericht uber die Verhandlungen der deutschen constituirenden Nationalversammlung zu Frankfurt am Main (9 vols., Frankfurt am Main, I 848-49) and the official minutes, committee reports, and formal motions appearing in Verhandlungen der deutschen verfassunggebenden Reichs-Versammlung zu Frankfurt am Main, ed. K. D. Hassler (6 vols., Frankfurt am Main, I 848-49). The proceedings of the preliminary parliament and of the committee of fifty may be found in Verhandlungen des deutschen Parlaments (2 vols., Frankfurt am Main, I 848), while the debates of the constitutional committee of the Frankfurt Parliament were published partly in Die Verhandlungen des Verfassungs-Ausschusses der deutschen Nationalversammlung, ed. Johann Gustav Droysen (Leipzig, 1849) and partly in Aktenstucke und Aufzeichnungen zur Geschichte der Frankfurter N ationalversammlung aus dem Nachlass von Johann Gustav Draysen, ed. Rudolf Hubner (Stuttgart , Berlin, and Leipzig, I924). For political developments in Prussia the essential parliamentary records are Der erste vereinigte Landtag in Berlin I847, ed. Eduard Bleich (4 vols., Berlin , 1847); Verhandlungen des am 2. April I848 zu Berlin erafineten zweiten vereinigten Landtages (Berlin, I 848); and Verhandlungen der Versammlung zur Vereinbarung der preus- [ z66 ] BIBLIOGRAPHY sischen Staats-Verfassung (6 vols., Berlin, 1848). During the reaction the deliberations of the legislature in Berlin appeared in Stenographische Berichte uber die Verhandlungen der Kammern. A wealth of material is also contained in the legislative minutes of the secondary states. For Bavaria there are Verhandlungen der Kammer der Reichsriithe and Verhandlungen der Kammer der Abgeordneten; for Wiirttemberg Verhandlungen der wilrttembergischen Kammer der Abgeordneten and Verhandlungen der wurttembergischen Kammer der Standesberren; and for Baden Verhandlungen der Stiinde...


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