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Contents Acknowledgments ix Sifting and Winnowing xi Prologue xiii 1 Life in Happy Valley: The Name and the Paterno Impact 1 2 Penn State Presidents: Cheerleading the Teams to Victory 12 3 A Joe Paterno–Jerry Sandusky Connection: A Look at Penn State Football Coaches and Assistant Coaches 24 4 Alumni and Taking Control of Penn State Athletics 35 5 Hugo Bezdek’s Saga—Alumni, Trustees, and Presidents 43 6 The Great Experiment That Failed: Alumnus Casey Jones, President Hetzel, and Coach Bob Higgins 53 7 The Ernie McCoy–Rip Engle Era and the Beginning of the Grand Experiment in College Football 64 8 The Joe Paterno, Steve Garban, John Oswald Coup d’État 75 9 President Bryce Jordan and Penn State’s Entry into the Big Ten 89 10 The Image of Joe Paterno’s Grand Experiment 100 11 Shaping Reality: Saving Joe Paterno’s Legacy 112 12 Insularity, The Second Mile, and Sandusky’s On-Campus Incidents 127 13 Rene Portland and the Culture of Athletic Silence 140 14 The Board of Trustees, Insularity, and Athletic Administration 150 15 Paterno, Spanier, Schultz, Curley, and the Penn State Pandora’s Box 161 16 From the Grand Jury to Beyond the NCAA Consent Decree 173 Smith_text.indd 7 12/7/15 11:11 AM Timeline 185 Notes 199 Index 249 Photographs follow page 126 Smith_text.indd 8 12/7/15 11:11 AM ...


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