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Contents  List of Maps ix Introduction. Many Faces of Constantine 1 PART I. CONSTANTINE’S SELF-PRESENTATION Chapter 1. Constantine Develops 27 Chapter 2. Constantinian Constants 48 Chapter 3. Constantine and the Christians: Controlling the Message 67 PART II. THE POWER OF PETITIONS Chapter 4. Approaching Constantine: The Orcistus Dossier 87 Chapter 5. The Exigencies of Dialogue: Hispellum 114 Chapter 6. Constantine’s Cities in the West: Nomen Venerandum 131 Chapter 7. Constantine’s Cities in the East: Peer Polity Interaction 150 PART III. RECONSTRUCTING THE ANCIENT CITY Chapter 8. Redistributing Wealth 167 Chapter 9. Building Churches 179 Chapter 10. Empowering Bishops 197 viii Contents PART IV. ALTERNATIVE RESPONSES TO CONSTANTINE Chapter 11. Engaging Cities 209 Chapter 12. Resisting Cities 230 Chapter 13. Opposing Christians: Donatists and Caecilianists 246 Chapter 14. Complex Cities: Antioch and Alexandria 260 Epilogue 279 List of Sigla and Abbreviations 285 Notes 289 Bibliography 357 Index 393 Acknowledgments 403 ...


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