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[ 571 A. Chronology of Lectures and Readings 26 Sept 1932: Arrival in Boston, MA, on forty-fourth birthday 17 Oct: Reading at Wellesley College, Wellesley, MA 4 Nov: First Norton Lecture, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA: “Introduction” 15 Nov: Radcliffe Club of Boston, “The Experience of Poetry” 21 Nov: Unidentified address, as a Corresponding Member, at the annual meeting and dinner of the Colonial Society of Massachusetts 25 Nov: Second Norton Lecture: “Apology for the Countess of Pembroke” 1 Dec: “The Bible as Scripture and as Literature,” Women’s Alliance, King’s Chapel, Boston 2 Dec: Third Norton Lecture: “The Age of Dryden” 9 Dec: Fourth Norton Lecture: “Wordsworth and Coleridge” 5 Jan 1933: “Edward Lear and Modern Poetry,” Scripps College, Claremont, CA 6 Jan: “The Development of Taste in Poetry,” University of California, Los Angeles, CA 9 Jan: “Edward Lear and Modern Poetry,” University of Southern California, Los Angeles 11 Jan: “The Development of Taste in Poetry,” University of California, Berkeley, CA 16 Jan: “The Study of Shakespeare Criticism,” Washington University, St. Louis, MO 19 Jan: “The Tendency of Some Modern Poetry,” University of Minnesota, Minneapolis/St. Paul 26 Jan: “Edward Lear and Modern Poetry,” Twentieth Century Club, University of Buffalo, NY 30 Jan: First Turnbull Lecture: “Toward a Definition of Metaphysical Poetry,” Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD 1 Feb: Second Turnbull Lecture: “The Conceit in Donne and Crashaw” 2 Feb: “The Tendency of Some Modern Poetry,” Poetry Society of Maryland, Baltimore 3 Feb: Third Turnbull Lecture: “Laforgue and Corbière in our Time” Lectures in America, 1932-33 572 ] 7 Feb: First meeting of English 26: English Literature from 1890 to the Present Day; every Tuesday, Thursday, and occasional Saturdays through May 4, Harvard University 17 Feb: Fifth Norton Lecture: “Shelley and Keats” 19 Feb: Reading at Brown University, Providence, RI 23 Feb: “English Poets as Letter Writers,” Yale University, New Haven, CT 24 Feb: “Edward Lear and Modern Poetry,” Smith College, Northampton, MA 25 Feb: Informal talk to Blackstick Honorary Literary Society (“The Greatness of a Poet or Writer”) and reading, Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, MA 3 Mar: Sixth Norton Lecture: “Matthew Arnold” 9 Mar: Reading announced in Feb Amherst Student (no report), Amherst, MA 13 Mar: Visit to Milton Academy, Milton, MA; entertained at tea by faculty; possibly gave undated talk, “Chat to English Teachers” (in outline) on the teaching of modern poetry; invited to give commencement address 14 Mar: Reading of poetry at Eliot House, Harvard University 17 Mar: Seventh Norton Lecture: “The Modern Mind” 18 Mar: Unidentified address to Signet Alumni Association, in the Club House, Harvard University 23 Mar: “The Bible and English Literature,” Princeton University, Princeton, NJ 24 Mar: “The Study of Shakespeare Criticism,” Haverford College, Haverford, PA 31 Mar: Final Norton Lecture: “Conclusion” 3 Apr: “Two Masters” [revised as “The Modern Dilemma”] Boston Association of Unitarian Ministers, King’s Chapel, Boston 6 Apr: “Edward Lear and Modern Poetry,” Bowdoin College, Brunswick, ME 10 Apr: “Two Masters,” Clerical Association of Massachusetts, Jamaica Plain, MA 20 Apr: “Edward Lear and the Meaning of Poetry,” The New School of Social Research, New York, NY 21 Apr: “The Verse of John Milton,” Columbia University, New York [ 573 Chronology of Lectures and Readings 24 Apr: “Modern Education and the Classics,” the Classical Club, Lowell House, Harvard University 27 Apr: Lecture on “Mallarmé” announced in NY World-Telegram of 21 Apr; reading and discussion of poems substituted, The New School of Social Research 28 Apr: “The Tendency of Some Modern Poetry,” with readings of his poems as examples, Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mawr, PA 3 May: “Edward Lear and Modern Poetry,” Wellesley College 6 May: Attends the Experimental Theater of Vassar College world premiere production of Sweeney Agonistes, Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY 7 May: Informal talk at Vassar College on “Modern Poetry,” illustrated by a reading 10 May: First Page-Barbour Lecture: “The Meaning of Tradition,” University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA; see volume 5 for PageBarbour Lectures, published as After Strange Gods (1934) 11 May: Second Page-Barbour Lecture: “Modern Poetry” 12 May: Third Page-Barbour Lecture: “Three Prose Writers” 29 May: Unidentified address at the Anglo-Catholic Oxford Centenary, Elizabeth, NJ 6 June: Receives Honorary Degree at Columbia University 17 June: Commencement address at Milton Academy 23 June: Sails from Montreal to Liverpool ...