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[ 497 Preface to Selected Essays, by T. S. Eliot London: Faber and Faber, 1932. Pp. 454; Preface, 7.1 My acknowledgments are due to Messrs. Methuen & Co. Ltd. (for the parts of The Sacred Wood reprinted); to The Hogarth Press (Homage to John Dryden); to The Haslewood Press (for A Dialogue on Dramatic Poetry); to Messrs. Constable & Co. Ltd. (for Seneca in Elizabethan Translation, originally printed as Introduction to the Tudor Translations Series edition of the Tenne Tragedies); to the Shakespeare Association (Shakespeare and the Senecan Tradition); to Mr. Walter de la Mare and the Royal Society of Literature (Arnold and Pater); to The Blackamore Press (Baudelaire); to the English Association (Charles Whibley). Also to The Egoist, The Athenaeum, The Times Literary Supplement, Art and Letters, The Forum, The Bookman (N.Y.), The Hound and Horn, Theology, and The Criterion, in which most of these papers originally appeared. My thanks are also due to Mr. B. L. Richmond, without whose suggestions and encouragement the essays on Elizabethan dramatists would not have been written; and to Mr. F. V. Morley for his assistance in selecting the essays and in reading the proofs, and for his pertinacity in harrying me to do what work I have myself done in preparation of this volume. T.S.E. London: April 1932. Notes 1. Published on 15 Sept 1932, simultaneously with the American edition, to coincide with his arrival in America as the Charles Eliot Norton Professor at Harvard University for the 1932-33 academic year. The Preface is preceded by a separate dedication page [5]: “TO / HARRIET SHAW WEAVER / IN GRATITUDE, AND IN RECOGNITION / OF HER SERVICES / TO ENGLISH LETTERS”; statement on front cover of dust jacket, English edition: “This book contains the author’s choice among all the prose he has written from the time he became assistant editor of The Egoist, in 1917, down to the present year.” The table of contents for the volume is included in the illustrations, number 8. ...


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