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[ 383 To the Editor of The Times The Times (London), (19 Dec 1931) 9 Mr. T. S. Eliot asks us to say that his appointment as Charles Eliot Norton Professor of Poetry in the University of HARVARD for 1932-33 which was announced in The Times on Thursday, is for seven months only. Mr. Eliot will not relinquish any of the work on which he is regularly engaged in London.1 Notes 1. This clarification regarding the terms of the Norton Professorship for 1932-33 was a response to an announcement in The Times for 17 Dec stating that TSE would take up the post “for the year 1932-33” (11). TSE’s letter to the editor of that date was not published; it was briefly paraphrased, as above, on 19 Dec under the heading “Telegrams in Brief ” (9). TSE explained thathewouldnotbepermanentlyrelinquishinghisdutiesatFaberandaseditoroftheCriterion: “I should therefore be grateful for an opportunity to state that the appointment is only for seven months, and that I am not returning permanently to America, and that I am not giving up any of the work in which I am regularly engaged in London” (L5 781). He wrote to Herbert Read on the same day to say that he had “no official confirmation myself ” from Harvard, adding, “In the meantime will you correct any impression in anybody’s mind that I am going to Harvard permanently?” (L5 780-81). TSE had wired his official acceptance of the professorship in Nov, becoming the first American-born lecturer to hold the post since it was endowed in 1925 by the financier and Harvard benefactor Charles Stillman. The terms of the endowment called for the selection of lecturers as men “of high distinction within the field of literature” and brought with it a salary of $9,000. ...


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