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94 ] In Memoriam [Moncrieff, Lawrence, Whibley] The Criterion: A Literary Review, 9 (Apr 1930): unsigned loose leaf insert At the last moment of preparation for press, we learn almost simultaneously of the death of three distinguished contributors to The Criterion: C. K. SCOTT-MONCRIEFF, D. H. LAWRENCE and CHARLES WHIBLEY.1 There is neither time nor space to commemorate them further in this number. Editorial comment must be impersonal. We can only say for the moment, now, that each of these men represented something for which The Criterion stands; and that each in his kind and degree and way helped The Criterion; and that the loss to this periodical is very grievous.2 Notes 1. C. K. M. Scott Moncrieff died in Rome on 28 Feb; D. H. Lawrence in Vence, France, on 2 Mar; Charles Whibley died in Hyères, France, on 4 Mar. On 19 Mar, TSE commissioned an obituary article on Whibley for the Criterion from Sir James Barrie “because I personally want to do adequate honour to Whibley’s memory.” When Barrie declined, TSE commissioned an obituary from F. S. Oliver, but it did not appear. F. R. Leavis wrongly asserted that Lawrence received “no obituary notice in The Criterion” (D. H. Lawrence: Novelist, London: Chatto & Windus 1955), 11. 2. Moncrieff contributed a translation of Proust and a short story, Lawrence contributed five stories and travel sketches, and Whibley two essays, an obituary notice, and a book review to the Criterion. In 1928, Whibley acted as one the Criterion’s financial guarantors, pledging£25 per annum. Whibley and Moncrieff were subscribers to the Criterion. By contrast, on 7 Feb 1929, Lawrence referred to the Criterion as “that expensive and stewed T. S. Eliot quarterly” (Letters of D. H. Lawrence, vol 7, ed. Keith Sagar and James T. Boulton, Cambridge UP, 1993) 170. ...


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