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[ xlix ILLUSTRATIONS Illustrations following page 568 1. T. S. Eliot, Christmas photo­graph, 1930 2. Vivien Eliot, Christmas photo­graph, 1930 3. Dust jacket for Pascal’s Pensées (1931) 4. Cover of Bubu of Montparnasse (1932) 5. Eliot with Vivien at the home of her ­mother, Rose Haigh-­Wood, 1932 6. Ralph Hodgson and Eliot with their dogs, Picky and Polly, 1932 7. Eliot with ­Virginia Woolf and Vivien at Monks House, 1932 8. Contents of Selected Essays 1917–1932 9. Eliot and W. B. Yeats at Harvard, 1932 10. Eliot at Washington University, St. Louis, 1933 11. Eliot at the New School of Social Research, New York, 1933 12. Eliot in Randolph, New Hampshire, 1933 13. Eliot at Frank Morley’s Pike’s Farm, 1933 14. Cover page of The Criterion, July 1933 15. En­glish Lion. Sketch printed in the Chicago Daily Tribune, 1933 16. Herbert Read, 1934 This page intentionally left blank The Complete Prose of T.S.Eliot This page intentionally left blank ...