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[ v CONTENTS English Lion, 1930-1933: Introduction  ix Editorial Procedures and Principles  xxxiii Acknowledgments xli List of Abbreviations  xlv List of Illustrations  xlix Part 1: Essays, Reviews, and Commentaries 1930 A Commentary (Jan 1930)  3 A review of God: Being an Introduction to the Science of Metabiology, by John Middleton Murry  7 A review of Baudelaire and the Symbolists: Five Essays, by Peter Quennell 11 An unsigned review of A Game at Chesse, by Thomas Middleton  15 Poetry and Propaganda  20 Religion without Humanism  36 Thinking in Verse: A Survey of Early Seventeenth-Century Poetry  44 Rhyme and Reason: The Poetry of John Donne  57 The Devotional Poets of the Seventeenth Century: Donne, Herbert, Crashaw 71 To the Editor of The Bookman 85 A Commentary (Apr 1930)  89 In Memoriam [Moncrieff, Lawrence, Whibley]  94 Mystic and Politician as Poet: Vaughan, Traherne, Marvell, Milton  95 D. H. Lawrence. To the Editor of The Nation and Athenaeum 108 The Minor Metaphysicals: From Cowley to Dryden  109 John Dryden  120 Preface to Anabasis: A Poem by St.-J. Perse 132 Message to the Anglo-Catholic Congress in London  138 Second Message to the Anglo-Catholic Congress  139 A Commentary (July 1930)  141 Introduction to The Wheel of Fire, by G. Wilson Knight  145 Baudelaire 155 CONTENTS vi ] Introductory Essay to London: A Poem and The Vanity of Human Wishes by Samuel Johnson 168 Arnold and Pater  176 A Commentary (Oct 1930)  190 To the Editor of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch 194 Cyril Tourneur  197 Mocking-Birds. To the Editor of The New Statesman 209 The Book of Beauty. To the Editor of The Nation and Athenaeum 211 1931 A Commentary (Jan 1931)  213 Tourneur and The Revenger’s Tragedy. To the Editor of The Times Literary Supplement 221 Thoughts after Lambeth  223 Classicism and Romanticism. To the Editor of The Dublin Review 251 A Commentary (Apr 1931)  253 Dryden the Poet  265 Dryden the Dramatist  275 Dryden the Critic  286 If I Were a Dean  296 A review of The Prospects of Humanism, by Lawrence Hyde  300 A Commentary (July 1931)  303 A review of Son of Woman: The Story of D. H. Lawrence, by J. Middleton Murry  313 A review of Essays of a Catholic Layman in England, by Hilaire Belloc 320 The Modern Dilemma. Syllabus for Four BBC Broadcasts  323 Thomas Heywood  327 The Pensées of Pascal  338 A Commentary (Oct 1931)  354 A review of Fashion in Literature: A Study of Changing Taste, by E. E. Kellett  362 Preface to Transit of Venus: Poems, by Harry Crosby  365 Donne in our Time  369 To the Editor of The Times 383 Charles Whibley  384 B.B.C. Talks on Fiction. The Change of Policy. To the Editor of The Times (22 Dec 1931)  399 [ vii CONTENTS 1932 A Commentary (Jan 1932)  403 George Herbert  412 Preface to Bubu of Montparnasse, by Charles-Louis Philippe. Trans. Laurence Vail  417 Christianity and Communism  422 Mr. Harold Monro: A Poet and his Ideal  432 Religion and Science: A Phantom Dilemma  436 The Search for Moral Sanction  446 A Commentary (Apr 1932)  456 Building Up the Christian World  464 John Ford  474 What Is Modern Psychology? Letter to the Editor of The Listener 486 A Commentary (July 1932)  488 Preface to Selected Essays 497 A Commentary (Oct 1932)  498 1933 A Testimonial for The Cantos of Ezra Pound 506 A Commentary (Jan 1933)  508 A Commentary (Apr 1933)  515 Critical Note to The Collected Poems of Harold Monro 522 A Commentary (July 1933)  527 Catholicism and International Order  534 A review of Letters of Mrs. Gaskell and Charles Eliot Norton, 1855-1865 547 A Commentary (Oct 1933)  550 Housman on Poetry. A review of The Name and Nature of Poetry, by A. E. Housman  557 Report on The Listener Poems  561 Measure for Measure at the Old Vic. To the Editor of The Times 567 CONTENTS viii ] Part 2: Lectures in America, 1932-33 A. Chronology of Lectures and Readings  571 The Charles Eliot Norton Lectures: The Use of Poetry and the Use of Criticism 574 Prefaces, 1933 / 1964  574 Introduction: November 4th, 1932 579 Apology for the Countess of Pembroke: November 25th, 1932 597 The Age of Dryden: December 2nd, 1932 614 Wordsworth and Coleridge: December 9th, 1932 625 Shelley and Keats: February 17th, 1933 641 Matthew Arnold: March 3rd, 1933 654 The Modern Mind: March 17th, 1933 668 Conclusion: March 31st, 1933 685 The Bible as Scripture and as Literature  695...