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Appendix III: Some Missionary Biographical Sketches1 ADAMSON, David (UFCS): 1875-1932. A carpenter and builder by trade. In 1909 married Annie Rodger Chalmers, a teacher. In Northern Rhodesia, at Lubwa and Mwenzo, 1914, 1921-1927. ALEXANDER, Thomas Thomson (UFCS): b. 1881, Penicuik , Scotland. Attended Penicuik Public School and Edinburgh University, M.A. 1903. Studied at New College, Edinburgh , 1903-1906. Asst. Minister, Lady Glenoschy's United Free Church, Edinburgh; Missionary in Canada, 1907; ordained there; Minister in Whalley Range Presbyterian Church, Lancashire; Minister, Orkney, 1911. Went to open the new Senga station, 1914. Invalided and sailed to United Kingdom, 1915. Inducted Holm Congregation, Orkney, 1915. ALLISON, Grace R. (UFCS): Received Diploma of School for Christian Workers. Member of Bon Accord Church, Aberdeen . Worked as a nurse for three years. Served at Tamanda and Chitambo, 1922-1925. Resigned because of ill-health. ^ABBREVIATIONS USED IN THE APPENDIX BC — Brethren-in-Christ CC — Church of Christ DRC — Dutch Reformed Church (OFS) LMS — London Missionary Society NIM — Nyasa Industrial Mission PB — Plymouth Brethren PMS — Paris Missionary Society PMMS —Primitive Methodist Missionary Society SAB — South African Baptist Missionary Society SAGM — South Africa General Mission SDA — Seventh-day Adventists SJ — Society of Jesus UFCS — United Free Church of Scotland UMCA — Universities' Mission to Central Africa WF — White Fathers (now four vicariates) WMMS — Wesleyan Methodist Missionary Society 163 APPENDIX III: BIOGRAPHIES ANDERSON, William Harrison (SDA): 1870-1950; b. Mexico, Ind. Brought up in an Adventist family on a farm near New Waverly, Cass Co., Ind. Attended local schools for eleven years, American Normal and Commercial College (Logansport, Ind.) for three years, and Battle Creek (Mich.) College for six years. He received a B.Sc. degree from Battle Creek College in 1905 and an M.A. degree in 1918 from Emmanuel Mission College. Ordained in 1905; at Rusangu mission, 1905-1907, thereafter active in Southern Rhodesia , Bechuanaland, Angola, and South Africa. ARNOT, Frederick Stanley (PB): 1858-1914, b. Glasgow. Son of a shipper. Resided Hamilton and Tayport, Scotland. Left school at fifteen. Laborer and draper's assistant. Arrived at Sesheke, 1882, lived at Lealui, 1882-1884. Founded missions in Angola and Katanga and was the moving force behind Brethren foundations in Northwestern Rhodesia. BAECHER, Aloysius (SJ): 1869-1952, b. Wecsan, Germany. At Katondwe mission, 1912-1915. BAILEY, Albert William (SAGM): 1873-1955, American. Minister in New York and Maine with the Christian and Missionary Alliance. Served in the SAGM mission at Durban, 1909, established Chisalala in 1910 with Arnot, opened Lalafuta station in 1912, and transferred his activities permanently to Angola in 1913. He resigned from the mission in 1948. BALDWIN, Arthur (PMMS): 1864-1937, b. Otley, England. Educated at Otley Collegiate School. Joined the PMMS in 1887 and went to Northern Rhodesia with the pioneer party of 1889. He returned to Great Britain in 1903 and later became financial secretary for the society. BARNES, Herbert (UMCA): 1866-1937. Educated at Wells (England) Cathedral Grammar School, 1876-1883, B.A. London 1889. Ordained priest at Llandaff, Wales, 1896. Missionary , diocese of Nyasaland, 1899-1904; principal, St. Michael's College, Likoma, 1902-1904; parishes in South Africa and, after 1911, with Community of Resurrection in Rosettenville, and Penhalonga, Southern Rhodesia, 1914-1920. In Northern Rhodesia, with UMCA, 1920-1928. 164 APPENDIX III: BIOGRAPHIES BARTLING, Irene Anna (SAGM): b. 1892, American. At Musonweji and Mukinge Hill, 1922-1930. BERT, Charles (SJ): 1869-1952, b. Bruges, Belgium. At Chilcuni from 1923. BICK, Charles (SJ): 1861-1939, b. Strasbourg, Alsace. At Chikuni, 1908-1914. BILLES, Leslie Seymour (SDA): b. 1902. In Northern Rhodesia , 1922-1926. BIRCH, Arthur Clarkson (UMCA): b. 1889. King's CoUege, Cambridge, and Cuddesdon Theological College. Assistant curate of Cottingham, Yorks, 1912-1915. At Msoro, 19151917 , resigned and returned to England. Curate of Hessle, 1918-1922, and Vicar of Cloughton, 1932-1957. BOISSELIER, Joseph (WF): 1858-1940, b. Blouere, France. Studied at the minor seminary at Beauproau before completing his education at the White Fathers' seminary in Carthage, Tunisia, where he was ordained in 1894. He taught briefly in the White Fathers' school for former slaves on Malta. In 1897 he began a long period of service in Northern Rhodesia. He resided at Kayambi (1897-1898, 1900, 19151919 ), Chilubula (1899, 1901-1903), Chilonga (1904-1906, 1911), Lubwe (1907-1910), and Kapatu (1912-1914, 19201940 ), where he died. BOTES, Ella M. (DRC): b. 1890, Transvaal. In Northern Rhodesia, principally Magwero, 1912-1960. Teacher, instructor of the blind, and trained nurse. BREDENKAMP, Ovid Ogden (SDA): b. 1895. In Northern Rhodesia...


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