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xvii Abbreviations of work by Edwin Morgan AD A.D.: A Trilogy of Plays on the Life of Jesus (Manchester: Carcanet Press, 2000). B Beowulf: A Verse Translation into Modern English (Manchester: Carcanet Press, 2002 [first publ. 1952]). BL A Book of Lives (Manchester: Carcanet Press, 2007). BS Beyond the Sun: Scotland’s Favourite Paintings (Edinburgh: Luath Press Ltd, 2007). C Cathures: New Poems 1997–2001 (Manchester: Carcanet Press, in association with Mariscat Press, 2002). CB Crossing the Border: Essays on Scottish Literature (Manchester: Carcanet Press, 1990). CP Collected Poems (Manchester: Carcanet Press, 1990). CT Collected Translations (Manchester: Carcanet Press, 1996). D Demon (Glasgow: Mariscat Press, 1999). DON Dreams and Other Nightmares: New and Uncollected Poems 1954–2009 (Edinburgh: Mariscat Press, 2010). E Essays (Cheadle: Carcanet Press, 1974). FGS From Glasgow to Saturn (Cheadle: Carcanet Press, 1973). FVB From the Video Box (Glasgow: Mariscat Press, 1986). G The Play of Gilgamesh (Manchester: Carcanet Press, 2005). HHAA Hold Hands Among the Atoms: 70 Poems (Glasgow: Mariscat Press, 1991). IP Instamatic Poems (London: Ian McKelvie, 1972). LL Love and a Life: 50 Poems by Edwin Morgan (Glasgow: Mariscat Press, 2003). NNGM Nothing Not Giving Messages (ed. Hamish Whyte) (Edinburgh: Polygon, 1990). NSP New Selected Poems (Manchester: Carcanet Press, 2000). PTY Poems of Thirty Years (Manchester: Carcanet Press, 1982). xviii SOD Sweeping Out the Dark (Manchester: Carcanet Press, 1994). SS Sonnets from Scotland (Glasgow: Mariscat Press, 1984). TND The New Divan (Manchester: Carcanet Press, 1977). TSL The Second Life (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 1968). VOR Virtual and Other Realities (Manchester: Carcanet Press, 1997). WHV Wi the Haill Voice: 25 poems by Vladimir Mayakovsky (translator) (Cheadle: Carcanet Press, 1972). abbreviations ...


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