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Appendix MostWidely Consulted Childrearing Manuals (from 1927 onward) Millie Almy. Child Development (New York, 1955). Rhoda Bacmeister. Your Child and Other People (New York, 1950). Dorothy W. Baruch. Parents Can Be People: A Primer for and about Parents (New York, 1944). ———. New Ways in Discipline (New York, 1949). Agnes E. Benedict and Adele Franklin. Your Best Friends Are Your Children (New York, 1951). Bruno Bettelheim. Love Is Not Enough: The Treatment of Emotionally Disturbed Children (New York, 1950). Smiley Blanton and Margaret Gray Blanton. Child Guidance (New York, 1927). Marion Breckenridge and Vincent E. Lee. Child Development: Physical and Psychologic Growth through the School Years (Philadelphia, 1943). Children’s Bureau. Infant Care (Washington, DC, successive editions). Rudolf Dreikurs. Coping with Children’s Misbehavior (New York, 1948, 1958, 1972). ———. The Challenge of Parenthood (New York, 1948; rev. ed., 1958). Rudolf Dreikurs and Loren Grey. Logical Sequences: A New Approach to Discipline (New York, 1968). Rudolf Dreikurs and Vicki Solz. Children: The Challenge (New York, 1964). James Lee Ellenwood. Questions Parents Ask (New York, 1955). Marion L. Faegre and John E. Anderson. Child Care and Training (Minneapolis, 1928, 1929, 1930, 1937, 1938). Thomas Gordon. P.E.T.: Parents Effectiveness Training: The Tested New Way to Raise Responsible Children (New York, 1970). Sidonie Gruenberg. The Parent’s Guide to Everyday Problems of Boys and Girls (New York, 1958). Paul A. Hauck. The Rational Management of Children (New York, 1967). 233 Francis Horwick and Reinald Weinerath Jr. Have Fun with Your Children (New York, 1954). James Hynes, Jr. Understand Your Child (New York, 1952). Leo Kanner. In Defense of Mothers: How to Bring Up Children in Spite of the More Zealous Psychologists (Chicago, 1941). John D. Krumboltz and Helen B. Krumboltz. Changing Children’s Behavior (New York, 1972). Grace Langdon and Irving W. Stout. Bringing Up Children (New York, 1958, 1959, 1960). David M. Levy. Maternal Overprotection (New York, 1943). Carl Renz and Mildred Renz. Big Problems on Little Shoulders (New York, 1934). Robert Sears, Eleanor Maccoby, and Harry Levin. Patterns of Child Rearing (1957). Irene Seipt. Your Child’s Happiness: A Guide for Parents (Cleveland, 1995). Benjamin Spock and Steven Parker. Baby and Child Care (1946, 1957,1968, 1976, 1985, 1992, 1998 [7th ed.]). Frances G. Wickes. The Inner World of Childhood: A Study in Analytical Psychology (New York, 1927, 1955, 1966). 234 ANXIOUS PARENTS ...


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