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C o n t e n t s Translator’s Foreword xi Preface xix Introduction 1 Chapter 1. The Critique of Polis-­Religion: An Inventory 5 Chapter 2. Polis and Republic: The Price of Misunderstanding 22 Chapter 3. The Individual in the City 32 Chapter 4. Civic Religion: A Discourse of the Elite? 44 Chapter 5. Civic Religion and Identity 54 Chapter 6. For Whom Were the Rituals Celebrated? 73 Chapter 7. Religious Repression 96 Chapter 8. Civic Religion, a Modality of Communal Religion 105 Chapter 9. Emotion and Belief 113 Chapter 10. Why Did Roman Religion Change? 125 Chapter 11. The Gods, the State, and the Individual 136 Notes 143 Index 167 Acknowledgments 175 This page intentionally left blank ...


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