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The BooKER T. WASHINGTON Papers the girls are made properly acquainted with the fire escapes and the methods of escaping in case of fire. B. T. Washington TLpS Con. 1 13 BTW Papers DLC. To John Henry Washington [Tuskegee, Ala.] Jan. 5th, 1894 Mr. J. H. Washington: Please let me know as soon as possible where we can get some tisonite seed.1 I wish you would see that the tin or sheet iron under the stoves where coal is used is put far enough out in front of the stoves so that in case the coals should fall out of the stove it will not catch on fire with the floor. I also wish you would let me know how much it will cost to put watchman's clocks in Ala. Hall so that the building can be more carefully looked after at night. I call your attention to the importance of seeing that the repairs on the place that have been begun are finished as early as possible. I have in mind now the new palings that were put on the fence surrounding Cassidy Hall sometime ago. You will notice that these palings have never been painted, and do not present a very good appearance . This is the kind of thing that Dr. Curry found fault with when he was here. I think that the rooms in Mr. Young's house can be cut down from their present size. The hall might remain the same. If you will make out a schedule of the way in which you wish the teachers to go to Auburn I will see that they go accordingly. I have spoken to all of the heads of Departments whom you reported to me that your orders are to be strictly followed. If there is no immediate improvement I mean to see that your orders are strictly carried out by the Heads of Departments. There is no other way to do business but to see that this is done. B.T.W. TLpl Con. I I 3 BTW Papers DLC. 1 Teosinte, an annual grass similar to maize, used primarily as a forage crop. JANUARY • 1894 To John Henry Washington [Tuskegee, Ala.] January 6th, 1894 Mr. J. H. Washington: I wish you would see that hitching posts are put up at all places where horses stand so that the horses will not have to be hitched to the trees. The fire hose in Alabama Hall needs to be placed in a better position than it now is. If it has not already been done, it is very important that the lady teachers who room in Alabama Hall be instructed as to the use of this hose. I wish you would let me know whether or not the inventory ordered sometime ago, has been completed. There is some work needed to be done in the attic of Phelps Hall under the direction of Mr. Penney. B. T. Washington TLpS Con. 113 BTW Papers DLC. To Emily Howland Tuskegee, Ala., Jan. 12, 94 Dear Miss Howland: A few days ago I sent you a receipt for the money you sent which has proven most helpful to us. We shall be very glad to use the money in the way you suggest. There are thousands in this region who seem to have nothing on which to live from day to day, still they manage to keep soul and body together, but many of them suffer severely. In many cases every thing in the way of food has been taken from them for debt. Many are learning lessons of economy out of these hard times that are going to be of great value to them in the years to come. On New Years day they had their first Emancipation Celebration in this region and about 3000 it seems to me marched through the town and came to the school where I spoke to them and I tried to impress the importance of thrift, economy and the value of a home upon them. Several copies of the little paper "Fraternity" came to us and I find it valuable. The BooKER T. WASHINGTON Papers Mrs. Washington desires to be remembered to you. I wish you could enjoy with us the beautiful weather which we are now having. I fear it will not last long. Enclosed I send you a peach bloom from a tree on our farm. Yours truly Booker T. Washington ALS Emily Howland Papers NN-Sc. From Emily Howland...


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