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The BooKER T. WASHINGTON Papers A Statement on the Afro-American Press [Tuskegee, Ala., 1891] OPINION OF PROF. B. T. WASHINGTON Few agencies for the uplifting of the colored people have accomplished more good than the negro newspapers. These papers have served to create race confidence, in that they have taught the colored people that the colored man could manage a business requiring the out-lay of money, brains and push that a newspaper enterprise demands . The colored editors have rendered most valuable service to the cause of education by constantly stimulating and encouraging our people to educate themselves and their children. The papers have served as educators to the white race, in matters that pertain to the progress of the negro. The white press readily sees our dark side, but is not disposed, as a rule, to go far out of its way to let the world know of the negro's advancement. The work of the colored newspapers has thus far been one of love and self-sacrifice, few if any of them paying in dollars and cents; but there has been evident growth, both in the make-up of the papers and in the paid circulation, and I apprehend that the day is not far distant when they will bring in an encouraging revenue. Already Mr. B. T. Harvey is publishing in Columbus, Ga., a colored daily, and he seems to be supported in his efforts to an encouraging degree. I. Garland Penn, The Afro-American Press and Its Editors (Springfield, Mass., !891 ), 446-48. From Cornelius Nathaniel Dorsette Montgomery, Ala., 1/5 1892 Dear Prof Washington I know you think strange of my not writing and I might as well tell you now I am again having trouble with my head & while I say nothing about it to any one its quite a serious thought to me privat[e]ly and outside of medicine I can do but little without bringing on trouble, my business letters I have my private secty 202 JANUARY ' 1892 do all that now. I most heartily endorse the step of that school for preachers you spoke of. I think it would be well for Dr Dillon to come down & talk with me for a day or so. I can be of help to her. She is very despondant & I know I can help her. If your matron has any thing in your Barrells that will help Jimmy Taylor1 in the way of clothing please let him have it. When are you coming down. Hastily yr Dorsette ALS Con. 4 BTW Papers ATT. Original destroyed. 1 James Henry Taylor of Montgomery, Ala., was a Tuskegee student from 1892 to 1895. He apparently did not graduate. To James Dickens McCall (Tuskegee, Ala.] Jan. g. [189]2 Mr McCall. On going through the various [bran]ches of your work we are glad to say that on the whole it is in good condition. There are some special points to which we desire to call your attention . The Labratory is not kept in an orderly condition. It would improve matters greatly if more shelves were put in. Send in to me the number of shelves needed and where you wish them placed. Everything in the Labratory is not labelled and kept in its place. The Museum needs more room. Make out a definite order of what you wish in this regard. The specimens are not orderly kept and many are not labelled. There have not been enough additions to the Museum. To this point we call your especial attention. The addition of new specimens is entirely in your charge. The Civil Government class seems to be in good condition. Each member of the Botany class should be made to make a Herbarium each year and this Herbarium put in such form that it can be preserved by the student. Also a specimen Herbarium by each class should be left in the hands of the school each year. We find not a single member of the A Middle class has a complete Herbarium preserved from last year. This should not [be?] 203 The BooKER T. WASHINGTON Papers Lectures in Natural History, we think, should be given with as few technical names as possible. Whenever it is possible students should have the [actJual specimen before them to examine. The work of the Senior class in Physics we consider to be very satisfactory. B. T. Washington For the Facuity HLpS Con. 106 BTW Papers DLC. The press copy used here is...


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