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MAY . I88g From Margaret James Murray Fisk University Nashville Tenn. 5-2 1-'89 Dear Sir; You asked sometime ago for a recommendation from President Cravath and also from Mr. Jenkins. Mr. Jenkins wrote you1 and I had our President write the recommendation, but about that time, I heard of Mrs. Washington's illness and so have retained the recommendation until now. Enclosed you will find one from President Cravath2 and one also from Miss Ballantine3 the Lady Principal of Jubilee Hall. I shall be very glad if you can give me work. Very Respectfully, Maggie J . Murray ALS Con. 2 BTW Papers ATT. Original destroyed. 1 On June 3, I88g, William Jenkins wrote that "Miss Murray has already been asked to go to Prarie View Texas. I have had a talk with her and she says that she would much prefer to go to Tuskegee, even if she is offered less than she would receive at Prarie View." Jenkins included Margaret Murray among Fisk's best students . (Con. 2 , BTW Papers, ATT. Original destroyed.) 2 Erastus Milo Cravath wrote BTW on Apr. I6, I88g, characterizing Margaret Murray as "an excellent scholar, a good disciplinarian," and a student possessing ''more than an ordinary degree of energy and executive ability.'" (Con. 2 , BTW Papers, ATT. Original destroyed.) s Anna Thankful Ballantine was born in Virginia and graduated from Glendale College in Ohio. She went to Fisk University as principal of young women and held this position for twenty years. On Apr. II, I88g, she wrote to BTW that she considered Margaret Murray "of good mind, of conscientious religious convictions, of unusual power in gaining influence over those younger than herself, and of ability to direct them." (Con. 2 , BTW Papers, ATT. Original destroyed.) To Oliver Otis Howard New York. May 26. 8g Dear Sir: You will be glad to know that Mr. C. P. Huntington gave $1000 to Tuskegee this morning.1 This with your help puts us in pretty good shape. Gen. Ketchum2 gave Y2 a scholarship and Mr. Barbour3 is going to send a donation very soon. 3 The BooKER T. WASHINGTON Papers I can never forget your kindness. Tomorrow I return South. Yours truly Booker T. Washington ALS Oliver Otis Howard Papers MeB. 1 BTW had spoken to Huntington on Tuskegee's behalf, eliciting the $1 ,ooo gift. He wrote Samuel Chapman Armstrong that Huntington "talked at length on the Southern question and said he expects to do more for Tuskegee." (BTW to Annstrong , May 26, 1889, Armstrong Papers, MWiW.) 2 Probably Alexander Phoenix Ketchum, born in 1839, who served during the Civil War on the staffs first of General Rufus Saxton and later of General 0. 0. Howard. Ketchum resigned from the Army in 1867 to resume law practice in New York City. He was prominent in YMCA and Presbyterian Union work. 3 Thomas Seymour Barbour (1853-1915) was pastor of a Baptist church in Fall River, Mass. A graduate of Brown University and Rochester Theological Seminary, Barbour was the foreign secretary of the American Baptist Foreign Missionary Society from 1899 to 1912. Barbour chaired the American branch of the Congo Reform Association beginning in 1904. This group, which included BTW as a board member and Robert E. Park as executive secretary, was composed of British and American missionary and philanthropic groups which came together to protest the atrocities resulting from a forced labor system that affected millions of Congolese people. Barbour and others, including Alabama senator John Tyler Morgan, lobbied for several years in Congress on behalf of the Congolese. Among the association's publicity pieces against the Belgian ruler was Mark Twain, King Leopold's Soliloquy : A Defence of His Congo Rule (1907) . To Samuel Chapman Armstrong North Conway, N.H. Aug. 13ยท 8g Dear Gen. Armstrong: I have tried every way possible to keep from borrowing any money this summer, but I am to the place where I can not get on with out it, and I therefore write to ask you to lend the school $goo till Oct 15 or Nov. 1. The two months that I was compelled to spend at my wife's bed side at a time when I was usually collecting money has made this request necessary. I know no one else to apply to. The amount can be returned promptly at the time named. The singers are doing well and I hoped to get all that we would need through them, but see I can not. My address...


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