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CHRONOLOGY I8go May 3: Margaret James Murray appointed Lady Principal of Tuskegee Institute. Aug. I4: Publication of criticism of Negro clergy. I892 Feb. 23: First Tuskegee Negro Conference. May 26: Frederick Douglass speaks at Tuskegee's commencement . Oct. I2: Marriage to Margaret James Murray. I893 Jan. I I : Opening of Phelps Hall Bible School. Feb. I8: Samuel Chapman Armstrong visits Tuskegee Institute. May I I: Death of Samuel Chapman Armstrong. Nov. I5: Speech before the Christian Workers' Convention, Atlanta, Ga. November: Criticism of Bishop Henry M. Turner and the idea of black emigration. I894 Ca. May I5: Lobbying effort before Congress for the Atlanta Cotton States and International Exposition. I895 June 8: Thomas A. Harris episode. Sept. I8: Address before the Atlanta Cotton States and International Exposition, Atlanta, Ga. xxvii ...