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ILLUSTRATIONS between pages 290 and 291 1. Margaret James Murray Washington 2. Frederick Douglass at the Tuskegee Institute commencement, 1892 3· Frederick Douglass, ca. 1894 4· James Fowle Baldwin Marshall, ca. 188g 5· Hollis Burke Frissell, 1893 6. Mary Fletcher Mackie, ca. 18go 7. Bishop Daniel Augustus Payne 8. Edward Wilmot Blyden g. Bishop Henry McNeal Turner 10. Theophile Tarence Allain 11. Richard Theodore Greener 12. Thomas McCants Stewart 13. William Henry Baldwin, Jr., 1899 14. William Hooper Councill, ca. 1go2 15. Timothy Thomas Fortune, 1887 16. The Negro Building at the Atlanta Exposition, 1895 17. Emily Howland 18. Irving Garland Penn 19. Booker T . Washington, 1895 XIX ...


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