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CONTENTS INTRODUCTION • XX1 ERRATA " XXV CHRONOLOGY • XXVU SYMBOLS AND ABBREVIATIONS XX1X DocuMENTs, 188g-95 2I May I889 From Margaret James Murray 26 May I889 To Oliver Otis Howard I3 Aug. I889 To Samuel Chapman Armstrong I9 Aug. I889 To Samuel Chapman Armstrong 30 Aug. I889 From George Washington Cable 25 Sept. I889 From David Lee Johnston 25 Sept. I889 From George Leonard Chaney 8 Oct. I889 To George Washington Cable 24 Oct. I889 To Samuel Chapman Armstrong 26 Oct. I889 A Recommendation from Samuel Chapman Armstrong 27 Oct. I889 From George Washington Lovejoy 28 Oct. I889 From Samuel Chapman Armstrong I Nov. I889 From Moses Pierce I Nov. I889 From Albert G. Davis 8 Nov. I889 From Mary Elizabeth Preston Stearns I4 Nov. I889 From Nathalie Lord I6 Nov. I889 An Article in Unity I7 Nov. I889 From Margaret James Murray I9 Nov. I889 From Timothy Thomas Fortune 22 Nov. I889 From Warren Logan I I Dec. I889 From David Davidson Sanderson I3 Dec. I889 To Samuel Chapman Armstrong 22 Dec. I889 From James B. Washington Vll 3 3 4 5 5 6 6 7 IO IO I I I2 I3 I4 I5 I6 I6 I7 I8 I9 20 2I 22 The BooKER T. WASHINGTON Papers 3I Dec. I889 From James B. Washington 22 I5 Jan. I89o To Emily Howland 23 16 Jan. 1890 From Eliza Davidson 24 17 Jan. 1890 An Excerpt from a Speech in Montgomery 24 27 Jan. I890 A Speech Delivered before the Women's New England Club 25 I 1 Feb. I89o From Portia Marshall Washington 32 5 Mar. I890 From Catherine lmpey 33 9 Mar. I89o From John Henry Washington 35 IO Mar. 1890 From Alfred Haynes Porter 36 15 Mar. 1890 To Samuel Chapman Armstrong 36 16 Mar. I890 From Mary A. Elliott 37 19 Mar. I8go From Russell Lant Carpenter 38 2I Mar. I8go From George Washington Cable 40 4 Apr. 18go From Amanda Ferguson Johnston 44 7 Apr. I8go To George Washington Cable 45 7 Apr. I8go To Margaret James Murray 45 17 Apr. I89o From William S. Scarborough 46 18 Apr. I8go From Amanda Ferguson Johnston 47 .22 Apr. 18go From Ednah Dow Littlehale Cheney 47 25 Apr. 18go From the Members of the School Band 49 26 Apr. 1890 From John Henry Washington 50· 29 Apr. I89o To Ednah Dow Littlehale Cheney 50 29 Apr. I8go From Samuel May 51 30 Apr. I89o To Edgar James Penney 52 2 May 1890 From Mary Fletcher Mackie 54 3 May I89o To Margaret James Murray 54 5 May 1890 From John Henry Washington 54 10 May I8go To Atticus Greene Haygood 55 10 May 1890 From Atticus Greene Haygood 56 12 May 18go From George Washington Lovejoy 56 20 May 18go From Maria A. Benson 58 26 May I89o To James Dickens McCall 59 3I May I89o From Cornelius Nathaniel Dorsette 59 2 June 1890 From Helen Wilhelmina Ludlow 6o 3 June I89o From Jacob Tileston Brown 62 7 June 1890 To Samuel Chapman Armstrong 62 I I June 1890 From Blanche Kelso Bruce 63 13 June 1890 From Hiram R. Davidson 64 14 June 1890 To Warren Logan 64 28 June 1890 To Samuel Chapman Armstrong 65 14 July 1890 From William D. Floyd 65 Vlll CoNTENTS I6 July I8go From George Washington Campbell 66 I7 July I8go From Harriet S. Tolman 67 I9 July I8go From Augustus Field Beard 68 23 July I8go From Timothy Thomas Fortune 6g 26 July I8go From Six Students to Warren Logan and Washington 70 I4 Aug. I8go An Article in the Christian Union 7I I9 Aug. I8go From Dora S. King 75 29 Aug. I8go From James Robert Williams 76 30 Aug. I8go To William Hooper Councill 77 2 Sept. I8go From Robert Charles Bedford 78 5 Sept. I89o From Dora S. King 79 5 Sept. I8go From Portia Marshall Washington So I6 Sept. I890 From Margaret James Murray 8I 18 Sept. I8go To Warren Logan 8I I8 Sept. I8go From Julia Crudine Allen 82 20 Sept. I8go From Olivia Egleston Phelps Stokes 83 27 Sept. I8go From Henry F. Downing 84 I Oct. I8go From James Fowle Baldwin Marshall 85 I5 Oct. I8go To William LeRoy Broun 87 23 Oct. I8go From Mary A. Elliott go 26 Oct. I8go A Sunday Evening Talk 9I 30 Oct. I8go From William Burns Paterson 95 3I Oct. I8go To Rutherford Birchard Hayes 95 2 Nov. I8go From Theophile Tarence Allain 96 3 Nov. I89o From...


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