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159 Further Reading Works by James Leslie Mitchell/Lewis Grassic Gibbon Listed in order of chronology with original publication details and book genre. Mitchell, J. Leslie, Hanno, or The Future of Exploration (London: Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner and Co., 1928) Biography and Exploration —, Stained Radiance: A Fictionist’s Prelude (London: Jarrolds, 1930) Novel —, The Thirteenth Disciple (London: Jarrolds, 1931) Novel —, The Calends of Cairo (London: Jarrolds, 1931) Short stories —, Three Go Back (London: Jarrolds, 1932) Novel —, The Lost Trumpet (London: Jarrolds, 1932) Novel Gibbon, Lewis Grassic, Sunset Song (London: Jarrolds, 1932) Novel Mitchell, J. Leslie, Persian Dawns, Egyptian Nights (London: Jarrolds, 1932) Short stories —, Image and Superscription: A Novel (London: Jarrolds, 1933) Novel Gibbon, Lewis Grassic, Cloud Howe (London: Jarrolds, 1933) Novel Mitchell, J. Leslie, Spartacus (London: Jarrolds, 1933) Novel Gibbon, Lewis Grassic, Niger: The Life of Mungo Park (Edinburgh: The Porpoise Press, 1934) Biography Mitchell, J. Leslie, The Conquest of the Maya (London: Jarrolds, 1934) Anthropology —, Gay Hunter (London: William Heinemann, 1934) Novel Gibbon, Lewis Grassic, and Hugh MacDiarmid, Scottish Scene, or The Intelligent Man’s Guide to Albyn (London: Jarrolds, 1934) Essays, Sketches and Short stories Gibbon, Lewis Grassic, Grey Granite (London: Jarrolds, 1934) Novel 160 Mitchell, J. Leslie, and Lewis Grassic Gibbon, Nine Against the Unknown: A Record of Geographical Exploration (London: Jarrolds, 1934) Biography and Exploration Gibbon, Lewis Grassic, A Scots Quair (London: Jarrolds, [1946]) Novels: Sunset Song, Cloud Howe, Grey Granite —, A Scots Hairst: Essays and Short Stories, ed. by Ian S. Munro (London: Hutchinson, 1967) Essays and Short stories —, The Speak of the Mearns, intro. by Ian Campbell (Edinburgh: Ramsay Head Press, 1982) Unfinished Novel —, Smeddum: A Lewis Grassic Gibbon Anthology, ed. by Valentina Bold (Edinburgh: Canongate, 1997) Various Books on James Leslie Mitchell/Lewis Grassic Gibbon Campbell, Ian, Lewis Grassic Gibbon (Edinburgh: Scottish Academic Press, 1985) Ehland, Christoph, Picaresque Perspectives – Exiled Identities: A Structural and Methodological Analysis of the Picaresque as a Literary Archetype in the works of James Leslie Mitchell (Heidelberg: Winter, 2003) Gifford, Douglas, Neil M. Gunn and Lewis Grassic Gibbon (Edinburgh: Oliver & Boyd, 1983) McCulloch, Margery Palmer and Sarah M. Dunnigan, (eds), A Flame in the Mearns – Lewis Grassic Gibbon, A Centenary Celebration (Glasgow: Association for Scottish Literary Studies, 2003) Malcolm, William K., A Blasphemer & Reformer: A Study of James Leslie Mitchell/Lewis Grassic Gibbon (Aberdeen: Aberdeen University Press, 1984) Munro, Ian S., Leslie Mitchell: Lewis Grassic Gibbon (Edinburgh: Oliver & Boyd, 1966) Whitfield, Peter, Grassic Gibbon and his World (Aberdeen: Aberdeen Journals, 1994) Young, Douglas F., Beyond the Sunset: A Study of James Leslie Mitchell (Lewis Grassic Gibbon) (Aberdeen: Impulse Publications, 1973) —, Lewis Grassic Gibbon’s Sunset Song (Aberdeen: Association for Scottish Literary Studies, 1986) Zagratzki, Uwe, Libertäre und utopische Tendenzen im Erzählwerk James Leslie Mitchells (Lewis Grassic Gibbons) (Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang, 1991) further reading 161 further reading Selected book chapters and journal articles on James Leslie Mitchell/Lewis Grassic Gibbon Baker, Timothy C., ‘The Romantic and the Real: James Leslie Mitchell and the Search for a Middle Way’, Journal of Modern Literature, 36.4 (2013), pp. 44–61 Bell, Ian ,‘Lewis Grassic Gibbon’s Revolutionary Romanticism’, in Studies in Scottish Fiction: Twentieth Century, ed. by Horst W. Drescher and Joachim Schwend (New York: Peter Lang, 1990), pp. 257–70 Burton, Deirdre, ‘A Feminist Reading of Lewis Grassic Gibbon’s A Scots Quair’, in The British Working-class Novel in the Twentieth Century, ed. by Jeremy Hawthorn (London: Edward Arnold, 1984), pp. 35–46 Campbell, Ian, ‘Lewis Grassic Gibbon and the Mearns’, in A Sense of Place: Studies in Scottish Local History, ed. by Graeme Cruikshank (Edinburgh: Scotland’s Cultural Heritage, 1988), pp. 15–26 Crawford, Thomas, ‘The View from the North: Region and Nation in The Silver Darlings and A Scots Quair’, in The Literature of Region and Nation, ed. by R. P. Draper (Basingstoke: Macmillan, 1989), pp. 108–24 Dixon, Keith, ‘Lewis Grassic Gibbon, Scotland and Nationalism’, Scottish Studies, 8 (1989), pp. 201–11 —, ‘Rough Edges: The Feminist Representation of Women in the Writing of Lewis Grassic Gibbon’, in Studies in Scottish Fiction: Twentieth Century, ed. by Horst Drescher and Joachim Schwend (Frankfurtam -Main: Peter Lang, 1990), pp. 289–302 Idle, Jeremy, ‘Lewis Grassic Gibbon and the Urgency of the Modern’, Studies in Scottish Literature, 31.1 (1999), pp. 258–68 Lyall, Scott, ‘“East is West and West is East”: Lewis Grassic Gibbon’s Quest for Ultimate Cosmopolitanism’, in Scottish Literature and Postcolonial Literature, ed. by Michael Gardiner et al. (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2011), pp...


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