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j 148 i 11a. Entrega de novios (for Voice and Piano)           6 8 6 8 6 8                         _  _               6 8 6 8 6 8                         _  _     robb_cancionero_txtfnl_fa15_rev2.indd 148 8/25/15 10:45 AM j 149 i 11a. Entrega de novios (for Voice and Piano) 1. 1. Es un ser infinito It is an infinite being y más un ser verdadero and also a true being pues el mismo Jesucristo because Jesus Christ himself nos lo ha dado a entender. has made us understand it. 2. 2. Estando el mundo formado The world being already formed [pues Dios creyó un hombre]* [then God created a man] con el nombre de Adán, with the name of Adam, el mismo que el verdadero. the same as the true one. 3. 3. Ya volvieron de sus sueños They come back from their dreams con una voz admirable; with an admirable voice; te recibo por esposa I receive you as my wife para obedecer al Padre. in order to obey the Father. 4. 4. Le hizo que Adán se durmiera Now he made him to sleep en un hermoso vergel in a beautiful garden y le dio una compañera and gave him a companion que se estuviera con él. who should always be with him. 5. 5. Por ser hueso de mi hueso, To be bone of my bone, por ser carne de mi carne, to be flesh of my flesh, te recibo por esposa I receive you as my wife para obedecer al Padre. in order to obey the Father. 6. 6. Ya de la iglesia salieron Now they come out from the church con muchísima alegría; with the greatest joy, ya quedaron esposados already married como San José y María. just like Saint Joseph and Mary. * This line of verse was written as “undecipherable” in Robb’s field recordings notes and in his other works. A contextual line is in Spanish and English for the purpose of vocal presentations. robb_cancionero_txtfnl_fa15_rev2.indd 149 8/25/15 10:45 AM j 150 i 11a. entrega de novios (for voice and piano) 7. 7. Piensan los malos casados, Bad spouses think piensan a Dios engañar. that they can cheat God. Ellos son los engañados; They are the ones who are cheated; no se vayan a equivocar. do not be mistaken. 8. 8. Atiéndame, el esposado, Hear, oh groom, lo que le voy a mentar: what I am going to say: Ya no hay padre, ya no hay madre; Henceforth you have neither father or mother; ’ora lo que hay es mujer. what you have now is a wife. 9. 9. Atiéndame, la esposada, Hear, oh bride, de amor muestre su cariño. and show your love. Ya no hay padre y no hay madre Henceforth you shall have neither father or mother’ ’ora lo que hay es marido. what you have now is a husband. 10. 10. Los padrinos de estos novios The godparents of these newlyweds ya saben su obligación, know their duty, which is de entregar a sus ahijados to give away their children y echarles la bendición. and give them their blessing. 11. 11. Los padres de estos novios The parents of these newlyweds que ha de aumentar su cariño. must increase their love. Ya aquí están sus dos hijos Here are your two children siguiéndoles por el camino. following in your way. robb_cancionero_txtfnl_fa15_rev2.indd 150 8/25/15 10:45 AM ...


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