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j 22 i 3. En la cantina de Denver     6 8 6 8 6 8 3 8 3 8 3 8 6 8 6 8 6 8         F F Gm C7 F F C C                 C C7 F F F F Bb F   _             C7 C7 F F F Bb F   _    C7 C7 F Bb C7 F robb_cancionero_txtfnl_fa15_rev2.indd 22 8/25/15 10:45 AM j 23 i 3. En la cantina de Denver 1. 1. En la cantina de Denver In a saloon up in Denver fue donde yo comencé I learned a lesson one night. a tomar tragos de whisky I took my first drink of whiskey hasta que me emborraché. and kept drinking till I was right. 2. 2. Y le dije a mi chinita, And so I said to my sweetheart,«’Ora si me voy pa’ casa “I think I’d best hit the trail porque si sigo el “batito” for if I drink one more whiskey en esta noche me atrasan». tonight I’ll end up in jail.” 3. 3. Me decía mi chinita, But this was not what she wanted.«No se vaya tan temprano, “It’s far too early,” said she. no se vaya tan temprano, “It’s only seven o’clock and todavía no son las siete». it’s such a wonderful spree.” 4. 4.«Y verá llegar los novios “There are some newlyweds coming, a ese salón de “skating”, coming to skate in the rink. y verá llegar los novios You’ll see them coming in a ese salón de “skating”». right to the skating rink.” 5. 5. Yo le dije a mi chinita, And so I said to my sweetheart,«En nada verlos llegar, “I’m not for taking a chance. si yo no sirvo pa’ nada, I’m really a good-for-nothing, si al cabo no sé bailar». I don’t even know how to dance.” 6. 6. Me decía mi chinita, She said that it didn’t matter.«No le hace no sepa bailar, “In the grand march we could go; pero a la marcha sí puede», it’s only walking and talking,” si al cabo no es más que andar. as she could easily show. 7. 7.«Esta de andar yo sí puedo “Well, there’s no problem with walking, y con bastante grandeza; I can do that with a flair; a lo que sí no me atrevo but if they change to some dance tune si me nombran otra pieza». I’d have to quit then and there.” robb_cancionero_txtfnl_fa15_rev2.indd 23 8/25/15 10:45 AM j 24 i 3. en la cantina de denver 8. 8. Y con ésta me despido And with this I will be going, porque ya traigo las llaves. because I have the keys. Si quieren saber mi nombre, If you would know who is singing, me llamo Francisco Chávez. I’m Frank Chávez if you please. robb_cancionero_txtfnl_fa15_rev2.indd 24 8/25/15 10:45 AM robb_cancionero_txtfnl_fa15_rev2.indd 25 8/25/15 10:45 AM ...


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