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j ix i John Donald Robb may have been born elsewhere, but to us he was a New Mexican con puro corazón. His was a boundless energy, and he had a universal interest in the world of folk music. He remained “young” throughout his long life, and he was open and interested in all the people with whom he became acquainted and worked. John and I became and remained friends from the time of our first recording session in the 1960s. He had a great interest in New Mexican folk music and its musicians and sources. Many influences are found in the Native American and Hispanic musical roots, including inditas, canciones, and corridos of New Mexico and Mexico and the romances and décimas of Spain. Robb openly encouraged working relationships with other collectors, including Vicente Mendoza, Arturo Campa, Aurelio Espinosa, Jenny Wells Vincent, and many others. The work still goes on, thanks to present-day collectors including Jack Loeffler and Enrique Lamadrid. Cancionero: Songs of Laughter and Faith in New Mexico has been much anticipated. It is a natural follow-up to Hispanic Folk Songs of New Mexico, first published in 1954 and then revised in 2008. It is also a fitting addition to the informative examination of the musical tradition published in Robb’s Hispanic Folk Music of New Mexico and the Southwest: A Self-Portrait of a People and his extensive collection of field recordings at the University of New Mexico Libraries’ Center for Southwest Research. With these resources, members of the younger generation , along with families and teachers, will continue to enjoy the New Mexico folk traditions in a merging of the past with the present. Las canciones de anteayer Hay romances y corridos De valor y de emoción, Especialmente por el Viejo, La indita y la relación. Thank you, John Robb, for your invaluable contribution to the musical heritage of New Mexico! Frank McCulloch, a native New Mexican of mixed heritage, including Irish and Hispanic, grew up hearing the enchanting folk music of the Southwest and Mexico. His father ran Harvey House hotels in Gallup and Las Vegas, New Mexico. Frank began playing guitar in the 1950s, captivated by those traditional melodies. In the early 1960s, he recorded about forty-five songs for John Donald Robb, and they are now included in the John Donald Robb Archive of Southwestern Music in the UNM Libraries’ Center for Southwest Research. He continues to perform traditional music in venues across New Mexico. A retired educator, Frank also is a celebrated painter of the southwestern landscape. foreword Frank McCulloch robb_cancionero_txtfnl_fa15_rev2.indd 9 8/25/15 10:45 AM robb_cancionero_txtfnl_fa15_rev2.indd 10 8/25/15 10:45 AM ...


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