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ix Acknowledgments It is always a pleasure to thank those who helped along the way. In my case, there were many. Thanks first of all to Taylor Stoehr. I contacted Taylor because of his immense knowledge about Paul Goodman’s life, but he wound up giving more help than I deserved or expected—including plenty of editing and some fun, sharp debates about the overall project. Everyone I interviewed provided great insight and a willingness to answer pestering questions with grace. There were others who helped by reading the manuscript and providing remarkably astute advice: thanks to Robb Westbrook (for last time, this time, and more, I hope), Tom Bender (for a perfectly timed letter), John McMillian, Leon Fink, Mark Button, John Summers, David Sampliner (the best historian turned filmmaker that I know), Mark Schmitt (my anti-majoritarian friend), David Kallick (who keeps ideas like the ones explored here alive—and who suggested good titles), and Patrick Kavanagh (who read some drafts and drank a few with me). Penn State Press, as usual, provided wonderful assistance. Thanks especially go to Sandy Thatcher and Cherene Holland. Laura Reed-Morrisson did an amazingly astute job at editing and helped hone the book’s arguments. The Press also lined up two great readers for this book: Paul Buhle (who sharpened my thinking) and Maurice Isserman (who shared his knowledge of the 1960s and something about why history actually matters). It goes without saying that all the readers I list here are not responsible for any errors in this book. I would like to thank the following institutions and individuals for giving me permission to quote from unpublished papers and for providing me with assistance in my research endeavors: Yale University Library, Manuscripts and Archives, for permission to quote from the Dwight Macdonald Papers; the Center for American History at the University of Texas at Austin, for permission to quote from the C. Wright Mills Papers, 1934–1965 (with special thanks to Ralph Elder for so much assistance during my research at the Center); the Houghton Library, Harvard University, for allowing me to quote from the Paul Goodman Papers (bMS Am 2062 [174]; bMS Am 2062 x Acknowledgments [463]; bMS Am 2062 [177]; bMS Am 2062 [1143]; bMS Am 2062 [33]; bMS Am 2062 [34]; bMS Am 2062 [455]; bMS Am 2062 [6]; bMS Am 2062 [1218]: bMS Am 2062 [195]; bMS Am 2062 [185]; bMS Am 2062 [529]; bMS 2062 [1149]; bMS Am 2062 [165]; bMS Am 2062 [231]; bMS Am 2062 [205]; bMS Am 2062 [186]; bMS Am 2062 [148]; bMS Am 2062 [203]); Sally Goodman, for giving me permission to quote from the Paul Goodman Papers; the University of Oregon’s Valley Library, for permission to quote from the William Appleman Williams Papers; and Elizabeth Kaufman , for permission to quote from the Arnold Kaufman Papers. Thanks are also due to the Bentley Historical Library at the University of Michigan for helping with my research into the Arnold Kaufman Papers and to the Wisconsin Historical Society for helping me with my research into the records of Studies on the Left, Radical America, and Students for a Democratic Society. I presented this work and got helpful feedback at Indiana University (a special thanks to Jeff Isaac there) and the University of Maryland (thanks to Peter Levine). Another presentation at Ohio University to my colleagues— unbeknownst at the time—helped me think about some of the broader issues within the book. Without the support of Ben Barber and other folks at the Whitman Center, this book could not have been completed. My comrades have remained loyal throughout it all; Jeff is more like my brother than a friend, and Richard is not only a friend but also a mensch. Finally, there’s my family: my mom has supported me in ways that are hard to imagine. And now there’s Vicky, whose joy and exuberance at all of life makes me happier than she can ever know. I especially thank her for building a family together. For those I forgot: thanks, and mea culpa. ...


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