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151 Acknowledgments This book exists because I felt called by the dead, and I felt that I had to acknowledge those who died, as a way of reckoning with, to quote Audre Lorde, “the deaths we are expected to live.”1 I think about those whom I have been asked to disinherit in order to exist as I do, and this book is my way of acknowledging them. So first and foremost, those are whom I thank. But there are many among the living whom I thank as well, for sustenance and support beyond measure and description, and without whom writing this book would have been an impossible and, more importantly, pointless endeavor. I thank my writing group, LOUD Collective, whose membership has changed over the years, but who as individuals and as a group continually inspire and amaze me with their rigorous intellectualism , their generosity and kindness, their ability both to transcend individual hurts and mistakes and to exactingly call them into account, as the situation requires. I have learned so much from them, intellectually, personally, and politically, and this book has taken shape through my conversations and interactions with them in ways that defy accounting. I thank my friends, colleagues, and interlocutors, who have sheltered me in an intellectual community by reading my work, engaging in conversations with me, entrusting me to read and learn from their fierce and brilliant thoughts, and working side by side with me: Randy Akee, Neda Atanasoski, Maylei Blackwell, Lucy Burns, Yu-­ Fang Cho, Lisa Kim 152 Acknowledgments Davis, Erica Edwards, Fatima El-­Tayeb, Roderick Ferguson, Aisha Finch, Mishuana Goeman, Gayatri Gopinath, Dayo Gore, Yogita Goyal, Sarah Haley, Christine Hong, Julietta Hua, Helen Jun, Kara Keeling, Arlene Keizer, Jodi Kim, Rachel Lee, Sharon Luk, Purnima Mankekar, Curtis Marez, Uri McMillan, Jodi Melamed, Leah Mirakhor, Nick Mitchell, Mignon Moore, Richard Morrison, Lisa Nakamura, Thu-­Huong Nguyen-­ Vo, Kasturi Ray, Chandan Reddy, Shana Redmond, Felicity Amaya Schae¤er, Sarita See, Deb Vargas, Kalindi Vora, K. J. Ward, Randall Williams, Ti¤any Willoughby-­ Herard, and Steven Wu. For the anti-­ anxiety medications of all types: happy hours, guest bedrooms, workdays in cafés and living rooms, chicken shorwa with extra boiled eggs, late-­ night phone conversations, sensible advice and outraged commiseration , emergency e-mail requests and panicked texts handled with aplomb, hikes, walks, swims, pedicure dates, potlucks, pastries, and sometimes even actual anti-­ anxiety medications, thank you. Lisa Lowe has been, as ever, a guiding light, an inspiration, and a model of integrity, generosity, and intellectualism. I am forever grateful. The editors at the University of Minnesota Press are exemplars of patience and support. I thank Richard Morrison, whose guidance throughout this project was invaluable; although he has now moved on to Fordham University Press, his mark on this book is indelible. I thank Danielle Kasprzak for seamlessly and expertly stepping in at the later stages and Anne Carter and Scott Mueller for editorial assistance. Many thanks to Shelley Streeby and the second reader for their meticulous, rigorous, and generous suggestions, all of which have only improved this book. This book has been supported by a number of fellowships and grants. I thank the University of California Humanities Research Institute at which Jodi Kim, Curtis Marez, and I organized a Residential Research Group during the spring quarter of 2012. I have also received grants at crucial stages from UCLA’s Institute for American Cultures, Asian American Studies Center, and Council on Research for this project. I acknowledge with gratitude the opportunity to engage with a number of scholars through presenting and publishing my work. Brenda Gayle Plummer, Myisha Priest, and Cherene Sherrard Johnson gave valuable feedback on chapter 4 in earlier draft form. Don Nakanishi and King-­ Kok Acknowledgments 153 Cheung provided thoughtful advice about how to direct this project at an early stage. I learned greatly from conversations at presentations, and I thank Karen Brodkin, Keith Feldman, Curtis Marez, Emory Elliott, Gayatri Gopinath, Patrick Anderson, Shefali Chandra, Erica Edwards, Heather Turcotte, Craig Willse, and Min-­ Jung Kim for invitations to speak. I also thank Halifu Osumare for sharing her memories of Barbara Christian with me. This book would have been much less thorough without the able assistance of my immensely talented research assistants, who brought their considerable skills to bear on this project from beginning to end: Freda Fair, Lisa Ho, Mary Keovisai, Jacob Lau, Preeti Sharma, and Wendi Yamashita. The sta¤ in both of my departments at UCLA perform heroic and generally invisible labors...


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