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[ v CONTENTS Literature, Politics, Belief, 1927-1929: Introduction  xiii Editorial Procedures and Principles  xliii Acknowledgments li List of Abbreviations  lv List of Illustrations  lix 1927 Autobiographical Entry for Who’s Who 1927 1 A Commentary (Jan 1927)  2 Grammar and Usage. A review of Modern English Usage, by H. W. Fowler; The Philosophy of Grammar, by Otto Jespersen; A Grammar of Late Modern English, by H. Poutsma; and Le Langage, by J. Vendryes  8 Homage to Wilkie Collins. An omnibus review of nine mystery novels 13 A Note on Poetry and Belief  18 The Phoenix Nest. An unsigned review of The Phoenix Nest, Reprinted from the Original Edition of 1593, ed. Frederick Etchells and Hugh Macdonald  22 Charleston, Hey! Hey! A review of The Future of Futurism, by John Rodker; Composition as Explanation, by Gertrude Stein; Pomona: or the Future of English, by Basil de Sélincourt; and Catchwords and Claptrap, by Rose Macaulay  25 The Sources of Chapman. An unsigned review of Études sur l’humanisme continental en Angleterre à la fin de la Renaissance, by Franck L. Schoell  30 The Problems of the Shakespeare Sonnets. A review of The Problems of the Shakespeare Sonnets, by J. M. Robertson  36 Epigrams of an Elizabethan Courtier. An unsigned review of The Epigrams of Sir John Harington, ed. Norman Egbert McClure 40 Literature, Science, and Dogma. A review of Science and Poetry, by I. A. Richards  44 CONTENTS vi ] A Study of Marlowe. An unsigned review of Christopher Marlowe, by U. M. Ellis-Fermor  51 Spinoza. An unsigned review of The Oldest Biography of Spinoza, ed. A. Wolf  56 A Commentary (May 1927)  59 Popular Theologians: Mr. Wells, Mr. Belloc and Mr. Murry. An omnibus review of The Life of Jesus, by J. Middleton Murry; A Companion to Mr. Wells’s “Outline of History,” by Hilaire Belloc; Mr. Belloc Objects to the “Outline of History,” by H. G. Wells; Mr. Belloc Still Objects to the “Outline of History,” by Hilaire Belloc; The Anglo-Catholic Faith, by T. A. Lacey; and Modernism in the English Church, by Percy Gardner  63 Baudelaire in our Time  71 Le roman anglais contemporain. Together with the unpublished original: The Contemporary Novel  83 Israfel. A review of Israfel: The Life and Times of Edgar Allan Poe, by Hervey Allen; The Works of Edgar Allan Poe: The Poems and Three Essays on Poetry, ed. R. Brimley Johnson; and The Works of Edgar Allan Poe: Tales, ed. R. Brimley Johnson  95 A Commentary (June 1927)  100 Recent Detective Fiction. An omnibus review of sixteen detective novels and of Problems of Modern American Crime, by Veronica and Paul King  105 Tennyson and Whitman. To the Editor of The Nation and Athenaeum 110 Niccolò Machiavelli  111 Thomas Middleton  122 A Commentary (July 1927)  133 Political Theorists. An omnibus review of A Defence of Conservatism by Anthony M. Ludovici; The Outline of Sanity, by G. K. Chesterton; The Servile State, by Hilaire Belloc; The Conditions of Industrial Peace, by J. A. Hobson; and Coal, by seven authors  136 John Bramhall  143 Plays of Ben Jonson. An unsigned review of Ben Jonson, vol. III: A Tale of a Tub, The Case Is Altered, Every Man in his Humour, Every Man out of his Humour, ed. C. H. Herford and Percy Simpson; Eastward Hoe, by George Chapman, Ben Jonson, and [ vii CONTENTS  John Marston, ed. with an introduction by Julia Harris; and The Alchemist, by Ben Jonson  152 A Commentary (Aug 1927)  156 Why Mr. Russell Is a Christian. A review of Why I Am Not a Christian, by the Hon. Bertrand Russell  160 Wilkie Collins and Dickens  164 The Twelfth Century. An unsigned review of The Renaissance of the Twelfth Century, by Charles Homer Haskins  175 To the Editor of the New York Evening Post 179 An unsigned review of The Playgoers’ Handbook to the English Renaissance Drama, by Agnes Mure Mackenzie  182 A Commentary (Sept 1927)  185 The Silurist. A review of On the Poems of Henry Vaughan: Characteristics and Intimations, by Edmund Blunden  190 Seneca in Elizabethan Translation  195 Richard Edwards. An unsigned review of The Life and Times of Richard Edwards, by Leicester Bradner  235 The Mysticism of Blake. A review of Poetry and Prose of William Blake, ed. Geoffrey Keynes; The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, by William Blake, with a note by Max Plowman; The Life of William Blake, by Mona Wilson; An Introduction to the Study of Blake, by Max Plowman; Pencil Drawings by William Blake, ed. Geoffrey...