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44 Back and Forth between the Map and Living Mourning Miss Karenina or trying to, face or an imagined face and train or model train whistling a thin noise in place of a real one. That is, did you hold up a hand in your head and attempt to yell out where you have no “voice” allotted to you or your hand? To illustrate this kind of situation, oils and snow, one throws down a pallet and sleeps off the dream. Whether the brown vertebrae really circled the world dotted here and there with all the pennies the boy day carried up and laid down and they laid her down again beyond the story of her dying in the shopworn place she died in so that she could die again—according to Hirsch you had to trust her gossamer hair had a “thereness.” You had to put yourself in her little red shoes and put on her clothes, Gadamer said. Light has little patience for your talking shining on the back of the window: if saying yes would bring back your friends (they’ve gone to the bar at the center without you) you’d say yes, having the smallest ambitions. ...


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