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29 The Academy of St. Martin in the Fields, Under the Direction of Sir Neville Marriner Pieces of rain on the trees or a businessman plucking a reed from the river with the double stream. Or was it a case of being there being the stone in the stream, the slick on the stone, hindering the alternately forward and backward regression and progress— I’m tired of the motion as it is and as it was: we went and learned nothing, referring to the reeds, melismatic singing of a happy child running down the halls, the center that is not a center, as the Frenchman says thinking of the mind or Eiffel Tower. If you stretch up the top of your thought to the top of a tree you become like the transparent eye you were meant to become, but all the white film lacks control (it bleeds into the air) and the songs, so far as they are songs and you can tell us what they are, are new songs that we’ve nonetheless extruded through the same old set of arbitrary instruments technology was meant to put away, which stayed in our hands, keeping us warm. This page intentionally left blank ...


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