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19 Five Narcissi Zeta-Tazetta When, after six long years, the little man came back again wearing his fedora we did not know what to say to him— all the inconsistencies of things surrounded us again (the goldfish in the bowl, the flowers blooming) and we’d say to him the goldfish is back in the bowl, the flowers are blooming, all the little superficies seem to have a sheen to them and somewhere a new raison d’etre pulls himself up through the cracks, fake soldier, you wanted us attentive to the little things and so we were. Cannibalizing a lecture, sitting still and boiling as the voice face disappears, one is confronted with some sort of whiteboard or blackboard and that is the goal as it should be, verticalizing the waistline each horizon gives us unselfconsciously, like a sleepwalking old demented old man, then, after six long years, the little man came back again singing songs he sang across the water (rather unbeautiful songs) after which this sort of dumb negation would continue with no end. Well, you said, holding up your pants against the ever-growing waist in the center of the new world, the face of the new world, the goldfish is back in the bowl, the flowers are blooming, we move because we don’t much like the music and the motion of this motion on the horizontal plane resembles black skyscrapers shoving each other to get what they wanted (a view of the sun) and necessarily, you add, as some are much taller than others and we are after all the shorter ones who try to make ourselves look taller by stepping forward into someone’s face. I must have conceded that this was all true and a massive achievement, the finest piece of sky philosophy your head had offered and the oldest river (it makes us look bigger, standing near a river with a history) put us right and tall against the Chinese lanterns running out along it 20 like armies in line, or armies in love, all the same color and shouting thoughts across the river as we still are now. And what’s the point of listening to faceless lectures? Did he have much to say? What, as it were, did he really have in mind or whom did he most love stuck there in the room, but these are only questions, you were quick to remind us, and much as you said no one would come by to tell us just what we had wanted to know and the Chinese lights were pretty, not exactly in the way you said they were. ...


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