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vii Contents Acknowledgments ix I Day on Which One Cycle Ends and One Begins  3 Recent Apparitions of Saturn  4 The Importance of Consistency in Discipline  5 The Couple in the Starry Night over the Rhone  6 Najdorf Variations  7 Modern Greek and Cypriot Songs  8 Dementia Praecox  11 Pressing the Advantage, Unaware of What It Was  12 Now I Am Ready to Troll the Big Lake  13 II Eastern Queens  17 Kimberly Wall  18 Five Narcissi Zeta-Tazetta  19 The Gelding  21 Repressed Longing  22 A Thing on a Wall  23 Violin Playing Herself in a Mirror  24 Cycle of a Scythe through a Field  25 Half a Rondo  26 The Equestrian Team  27 The Academy of St. Martin in the Fields, Under the Direction of Sir Neville Marriner  29 III Pithy Reflections of Common Machines  33 Two Lungs  34 A Russian Dance and Eastern Intermezzo  35 Gressorial Waltz  36 Blue Kite  37 At the Day  38 Scene with Sheet Lightning  39 Blues for Norma  40 Coffee with the Flavor of a Ground Cigar  41 The Shell and the Crane  42 viii Noble Rider  43 Back and Forth between the Map and Living  44 IV Stand Again before Your Marble Body  46 Curves and Intimations of a Great Disease  47 Meaning in Other Words  49 Under the Tree  50 Emotion Recollected in Bitter Reflection  51 Godheads I Left on My Lawn  52 Fête 53 Northern Flicker  54 Walking through a Real Big Garden  55 The Human Career 56 ...