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xiii Acknowledgments I am enormously grateful to all the people who have helped on the Corey project. The lists below cannot express my sincere thanks and sense of wonder at the range and scope of friendships and collaborations that occurred and continue to inspire me. The Corey site was excavated as joint field schools of Ithaca College and Wells College. The 2003 crew included Jason Addams, John Ellison, Karen Goetsch, Stephen Moragne, Jessica Murray, Nina Rogers, and Martin Smith. The 2005 crew included Hannah Bailey, Holly Buchanan, Garrett Byrnes, Kristi Corrado, Nidal Fakhouri, Delilah Heshmat, Jody Klue, Jamie Mazzeo, Martin Smith, Sarah Steiner, Naomi Stockwell, and Bobbi Jo Wilson. In administration, we thank Kim Milling of Ithaca College and Terry Martinez of Wells College. Ithaca College supported the project with Academic Project Grants, Dana Internships, equipment, supplies, and laboratory facilities. The Funk Foundation supported analysis and special studies. Specialists included April Beisaw, Macy O’Hearn, David Pollack, Michael “Bodhi” Rogers, Martin Smith, Wes Stoner, Sarah Ward, and Joseph Winiarz. In the herb study, we thank Kelly Keemer and Amanda Williams with Brooke Hansen. Matt Gorney and Ithaca College Digital Media Resources provided graphics. Theodora Weatherby drew the Tree of Peace pipe stem. The eclipse map (figure 12.1) is reproduced with permission from the NASA eclipse website, calculations by Fred Espanek, NASA/GSFC. For guidance and wisdom, we thank Birdie Hill (Cayuga, Heron Clan Mother), Chief Norman Hill (Seneca, Wolf Clan), Freida Jacques xiv | acknowledgments (Onondaga, Turtle Clan Mother), Ada Jacques (Onondaga, Turtle Clan), Dan Hill (Cayuga, Heron Clan), Karl Hill (Cayuga, Heron Clan), Chief Sam George (Cayuga, Bear Clan), Chief Chuck Jacobs (Cayuga, Heron Clan), Donna Silversmith (Cayuga, Snipe Clan), Peter Jemison (Seneca, Heron Clan Faithkeeper), Richard Hill Sr. (Tuscarora, Beaver Clan), Tadodaho Sidney Hill, and Tony Gonyea (Onondaga, Beaver Clan Faithkeeper) The liaison with Wells College was Ernie Olson. The neighborhood liaison was Paul Mitchell. Thanks for the hard work and useful comments of the anonymous and semianonymous reviewers, such as Kurt Jordan. Siobhan Hart helped me organize my thoughts on dominant narratives by organizing the session “Whispers, Screams and Echoes: Creating, Recreating and Challenging Archaeological Narratives” at the New England American Studies Association Conference, Plymouth, MA, November 2010. Douglas Perelli helped with access to the Marian White notes and artifacts at the Marian White Anthropology Research Museum, University at Buffalo. Thanks to Peter Whiteley for permission to publish an excerpt from his e-mail in the epilogue. Special thanks to Deanna H. McCay at Syracuse University Press for her faith and encouragement of this volume and to Annette Wenda for the hard work of copyediting. Special thanks to Eli Thomas (Onondaga, Wolf Clan) for use of his mural art on the cover. Special thanks to Wayne and Patricia Bowman! Special thanks to the Closet Chickens! Love, patience, criticism, and support: Brooke Hansen! c o r e y v i l l ag e a n d t h e c ay u g a wo r l d ...


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