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c o r e y v i l l ag e a n d t h e c ay u g a wo r l d The Iroquois and Their Neighbors Christopher Vecsey, Series Editor Other titles in The Iroquois and Their Neighbors At the Font of the Marvelous: Exploring Oral Narrative and Mythic Imagery of the Iroquois and Their Neighbors Anthony Wonderley In the Shadow of Kinzua: The Seneca Nation of Indians since World War II Laurence M. Hauptman Laura Cornelius Kellogg: Our Democracy and the American Indian and Other Works Kristina Ackley and Cristina Stanciu, eds. Munsee Indian Trade in Ulster County, New York, 1712–1732 Kees-Jan Waterman and J. Michael Smith, eds.; Kees-Jan Waterman, trans. Our Knowledge Is Not Primitive: Decolonizing Botanical Anishinaabe Teachings Wendy Makoons Geniusz Reading the Wampum: Essays on Hodinöhsö:ni’ Visual Code and Epistemological Recovery Penelope Myrtle Kelsey The Rotinonshonni: A Traditional Iroquoian History through the Eyes of Teharonhia:wako and Sawiskera Brian Rice Seven Generations of Iroquois Leadership: The Six Nations since 1800 Laurence M. Hauptman Corey Village and the Cayuga World Implications from Archaeology and Beyond Edited by JACK ROSSEN Syracuse University Press Copyright © 2015 by Syracuse University Press Syracuse, New York 13244-5290 All Rights Reserved First Edition 2015 15 16 17 18 19 20 6 5 4 3 2 1 ∞ The paper used in this publication meets the minimum requirements of the American National Standard for Information Sciences—Permanence of Paper for Printed Library Materials, ANSI Z39.48-1992. For a listing of books published and distributed by Syracuse University Press, visit ISBN: 978-0-8156-3405-8 (cloth) 978-0-8156-5334-9 (e-book) Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Rossen, Jack. Corey Village and the Cayuga world : implications from archaeology and beyond / edited by Jack Rossen. — 1st edition. pages cm. — (The Iroquois and their neighbors) Includes bibliographical references and index. ISBN 978-0-8156-3405-8 (cloth : alk. paper) — ISBN 978-0-8156-5334-9 (ebook) 1. Cayuga Indians—Antiquities. 2. Cayuga Indians—History. 3. Cayuga Indians—Religion. 4. Excavations (Archaeology)—New York (State)—Cayuga County. 5. Indians of North America—New York (State)—Cayuga County— Antiquities. 6. Cayuga County (N.Y.)—Antiquities. I. Title. E99.C3R67 2015 974.7'6800497554—dc23 2015017772 Manufactured in the United States of America This book is dedicated to the Cayuga people, with the hope that it helps them reconnect with the past and walk steadily into the future. In memory of Gahsënihsa:s “Name Searcher” Bernadette “Birdie” Hill (1944–2015) Cayuga Heron Clan Mother who led her flock back to the homeland ...


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