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Contents Preface to the Revised Edition xiii Introduction, by William. Bolcom xvii On the New Image of Music Indeterminacy in the New Music (1959) 3 The New Image ofMusic (1963) 16 On Schoenberg and Serialism My Dear Igor (An Imaginary Dialogue) (1957) 29 Reflections on Schoenberg (1972) 36 On Musical Time and Space Duration in Music (1960) 61 The Concepts ofMusical Time and Space (1963) 68 On Music, Humanism, and Culture No Center (1969) 129 Humanism versus Science (1970) 135 Fiddlers and Fribbles or Is Art a Separate Reality? (1986) 145 News ofthe Culture or News ofthe Universe? (lgB8) 165 Talking to Luigi Russolo Eighty-Five Years Later (19gB) 180 On the Fantastic and the Logical Aural Fact or Fiction: Or, Composing at the Seashore (1965) 187 The Fantastic and the Logical: Reflections on Science, Politics, and Art (1973) 199 The Marvelous in Art (1982) 214 On the Renewal of Music The Avant-Garde and the Aesthetics ofSurvival (1969) 225 Guston and Me: Digression and Return (1992) 242 Polarity in Music: Symmetry, Asymmetry, and Their Consequences (1995) 246 L'Envoi (1998) 253 Selected Bibliography 255 Index 257 ...