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221 Filmography During the period 1943 to 1953 Endfield used the credit “Cyril Endfield”; starting in 1961 he is credited as “Cy Endfield.” His various credited names in the intervening time are given below. As Director MGM shorts: Inflation (1943), Tale of a Dog (1944), Radio Bugs (1944), Dancing Romeo (1944), Nostradamus IV (1944; with Paul Burnford), The Great American Mug (1945), Magic on a Stick (1946), Our Old Car (1946) Gentleman Joe Palooka (Monogram, 1946; produced by Hal E. Chester) Stork Bites Man (Comet Productions/UA, 1947; produced by Buddy Rogers and Ralph Cohn) The Argyle Secrets (Eronel Productions/Film Classics, 1948; produced by Alan H. Posner and Sam X. Abarbanel) Joe Palooka in the Big Fight (Monogram, 1949; produced by Hal E. Chester) The Underworld Story (Film Craft Productions/UA, 1950; produced by Hal E. Chester) The Sound of Fury/Try and Get Me! (Robert Stillman Productions/UA, 1950; produced by Robert Stillman) Tarzan’s Savage Fury (Sol Lesser Productions/RKO, 1952; produced by Sol Lesser) Colonel March Investigates (three US television pilots, 1953; uncredited; produced by Hannah Weinstein [uncredited]) Colonel March of Scotland Yard (Eros Films/Criterion, 1953; produced by Donald Ginsberg) The Limping Man (Banner Films, 1953; credited to Charles de Lautour; song lyrics, as “Hugh Raker”; produced by Donald Ginsberg) Impulse (Tempean Films, 1954; credited to Charles de Lautour; produced by Robert S. Baker and Monty Berman) The Master Plan (Gibraltar Films, 1955; credited to “Hugh Raker”; produced by Charles A. Leeds) The Secret (Golden Era, 1955; credited to “C. Raker Endfield”; produced by S. Benjamin Fisz) Child in the House (Golden Era/Laureate/Ward’s Motion Picture Co., 1956; Charles de Lautour is credited as “Co-Director” and “C. Raker Endfield” is 222 - Filmography credited with “Direction, Supervision and Screenplay”; produced by Benjamin Fisz) Hell Drivers (Aqua Film Productions for the Rank Organisation, 1957; credited to “C. Raker Endfield”; produced by S. Benjamin Fisz) Sea Fury (Aqua Film Productions for the Rank Organisation, 1958; credited to “C. Raker Endfield”; produced by Ben Fisz) Jet Storm (Pendennis/British Lion Film Corporation, 1959; credited to “C. Raker Endfield”; produced by Steven Pallos) Mysterious Island (Ameran Films/Columbia Pictures, 1961; produced by Charles H. Schneer) Hide and Seek (Albion Film Corporation/British Lion Film Corporation, 1964; produced by Hal E. Chester) Zulu (Diamond Films/Paramount and Embassy, 1964; and producer, with Stanley Baker) Sands of the Kalahari (Pendennis/Paramount, 1965; and producer, with Stanley Baker; the opening credits refer to a “Cy Endfield and Stanley Baker Production” and to “Pendennis, in association with Joseph M. Schenck Enterprises”; Joseph E. Levine is executive producer) De Sade (American International Pictures, 1969; produced by Samuel Z Arkoff and James Nicholson) Universal Soldier (Appaloosa Pictures/Hemdale, 1971; produced by Donald Factor and Frederick Schwartz) As Screenwriter Mr. Hex (A Jan Grippo Production, 1946; screenplay and associate producer; produced [and “Original Story”] by Jan Grippo; directed by William Beaudine) Gentleman Joe Palooka (1946; original screenplay) Joe Palooka, Champ (Monogram, 1946; screenplay by Cyril Endfield and Albert de Pina; directed by Reginald Le Borg) Hard Boiled Mahoney (A Jan Grippo Production, 1947; original screenplay; produced by Jan Grippo, directed by William Beaudine) Stork Bites Man (1947; screenplay, based on the book by Louis Pollock) Sleep, My Love (Triangle/UA, 1948; uncredited screenplay contribution; directed by Douglas Sirk) The Argyle Secrets (1948; screenplay, from his CBS Suspense radio play “The Argyle Album”) Joe Palooka in the Big Fight (1949; additional dialogue) Joe Palooka in the Counterpunch (Monogram, 1949; screenplay by Henry Blankfort and Cy Endfield, from an original story by Endfield; directed by Reginald Le Borg) The Underworld Story (1950; “adaptation”; screenplay by Henry Blankfort; Endfield made a significant contribution to the final screenplay) Filmography - 223 The Sound of Fury/Try and Get Me! (1950; screenplay by Jo Pagano, from his novel The Condemned; Endfield made an uncredited but significant screenplay contribution) Impulse (1954; screenplay by Jonathan Roach and Laurence Huntingdon, from an original story by Carl Nystrom and Robert S. Baker; the screenplay was substantially written by John Gilling [the BFI holds a screenplay under his name]; some sources suggest that Endfield made an uncredited script contribution) Crashout (Republic Pictures, 1955; uncredited screenplay) The Master Plan (1955; screenplay, as “Hugh Raker,” from a BBC television play by Harald Bratt; adaptation by Donald Bull) The Secret (1955; screenplay, as “C. Raker Endfield,” from a play by James Warren; the film credits cite a play by Robert Brenon) Child in the House (1956; screenplay, as...


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