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vii Illustrations Cyril Endfield, circa 1942–43 42 Edward Arnold as the Devil-tycoon in Inflation 47 Endfield’s sketch of army life 52 Endfield, William Gargan, Alan H. Posner, Marjorie Lord, and Sam X. Abarbanel 62 Endfield on the set of The Argyle Secrets 65 The “blacklisted” journalist Mike Reese and gangster Carl Durham in The Underworld Story 74 Jerry Slocum and Howard Tyler in Sound of Fury/Try and Get Me! 84 The climax of The Sound of Fury/Try and Get Me! 87 Cast and director of Hell Drivers 125 Endfield rehearsing Stanley Baker on the set of Hell Drivers 127 Endfield teaching Zulu dancers the twist 150 Lieutenant John Chard and the “flying platoon,” Zulu 155 Lieutenant Chard and Lieutenant Bromhead, Zulu 157 Endfield family on location in southwestern Africa for Sands of the Kalahari 167 O’Brien turns on Dr. Bondrachai, Sands of the Kalahari 169 ...