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Contents Acknowledgments xi Introduction 1 PART I | U.S. History to 1877 1 Borders and Borderlands 9 JULIANA BARR 2 Encounter and Trade in the Early Atlantic World 26 SUSAN SLEEPER-SMITH 3 Rethinking the “American Paradox”: Bacon’s Rebellion, Indians, and the U.S. History Survey 43 JAMES D. RICE 4 Recentering Indian Women in the American Revolution 57 SARAH M. S. PEARSALL 5 The Empty Continent: Cartography, Pedagogy, and Native American History 71 ADAM JORTNER 6 The Doctrine of Discovery, Manifest Destiny, and American Indians 87 ROBERT J. MILLER 7 Indians and the California Gold Rush 101 JEAN M. O’BRIEN 8 Why You Can’t Teach the History of U.S. Slavery without American Indians 118 PAUL T. CONRAD 9 American Indians and the Civil War 134 SCOTT MANNING STEVENS PART II | U.S. History since 1877 10 Indian Warfare in the West, 1861–1890 151 JEFFREY OSTLER 11 America’s Indigenous Reading Revolution 165 PHILLIP H. ROUND 12 “Working” from the Margins: Documenting American Indian Participation in the New Deal Era 181 MINDY J. MORGAN 13 Positioning the American Indian Self-Determination Movement in the Era of Civil Rights 197 JOHN J. LAUKAITIS 14 American Indians Moving to Cities 210 DAVID R. M. BECK AND ROSALYN R. LAPIER 15 Beyond the Judeo-Christian Tradition? Restoring American Indian Religion to TwentiethCentury U.S. History 227 JACOB BETZ 16 Powering Modern America: Indian Energy and Postwar Consumption 240 ANDREW NEEDHAM PART III | Reconceptualizing the Narrative 17 Teaching American History as Settler Colonialism 259 MIKAL BROTNOV ECKSTROM AND MARGARET D. JACOBS 18 Federalism: Native, Federal, and State Sovereignty 273 K. TSIANINA LOMAWAIMA 19 Global Indigeneity, Global Imperialism, and Its Relationship to Twentieth-Century U.S. History 287 CHRIS ANDERSEN Contributors 307 Index 311 This page intentionally left blank Figures, Maps, and Table 1.1 Map of “Culture Divisions among the Native Americans” 13 1.2 “The Spanish and French Invade North America, 1519–1565” 14 1.3 1691 map of a Caddo settlement along the Red River 19 1.4 Detail from Samuel Champlain’s Carte de la Nouvelle-France, 1632 20 1.5 Detail from 1770 copy of Francisco Álvarez Barreiro’s 1728 map of northern New Spain 21 2.1 A View of a Stage and also of the manner of Fishing for, Curing and Drying Cod at New Found Land 28 2.2 Frans Hals, Laughing Cavalier, 1624 32 2.3 Rembrandt, The Sampling Officials, 1662 33 2.4 Styles of beaver hats 34 2.5 George Winter, Bouriette 37 2.6 George Winter, Indian Women 38 2.7 Samuel M. Brookes, A Group of Menominee Women 39 5.1 Indian Land Areas Judicially Established 81 5.2 Prophetstown reimagined, 1809–1813 83 7.1 Sutter’s Fort, New Helvetia, renamed Fort Sacramento, manned by armed Indians 104 7.2 Sam Pit, Indian miner, with pick and gold pan 105 7.3 “Indian woman panning for gold” 107 7.4 Commemorative stamp, sesquicentennial of the California gold rush 111 8.1 Kiva at ruins of Chetro Ketl, Chaco Canyon 121 8.2 Certificate from Governor Josiah Winslow to Captain Thomas Smith, 1676 123 8.3 1860 map showing density of African American slave population in the former territories of Native American nations 127 9.1 Sanford Gifford, A Coming Storm 135 9.2 Cartoon from Harper’s Weekly, September 9,1862 141 10.1 Sitting Bull with his mother, oldest daughter, and a grandson, ca. 1883 160 10.2 Plenty Coups, Crow chief 161 11.1 McGuffey’s First Eclectic Reader. Laguna Dialect 166 11.2 Gallaudet’s Picture Defining and Reading Book . . . in the Ojibwe Language 170 11.3 Frontispiece illustration, Mitchell’s School Geography (1840) 173 12.1 Dorothea Lange, Migrant Mother, 1936 182 12.2 Indians at Work cover, January 1, 1937 186 12.3 Pictures from Indian Emergency Conservation Camps and Projects, Indians at Work, January 15, 1934 188 13.1 Charles Berta photograph of an Alcatraz cell block entrance following Indian occupation 204 14.1 American Indian children on a school trip in Chicago 218 14.2 American Indian community members in Chicago meeting with American Indian Center director Robert Rietz 220 16.1 Coal from Navajo Mine with Four Corners Power Plant in the background, 1962 244 16.2 Navajo sheep herd stands before a drag shovel used in strip mining at Navajo Mine 246 MAPS 1.1 The Route of Lewis and Clark 16 1.2 American Indian Tribes...


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