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Acknowledgments First and foremost, this volume is the byproduct of our friendship. We are grateful for the extended opportunities it has provided for us to meet, talk, and enjoy each other’s company. Our conversations began in the stacks of the Huntington Library twenty years ago and have been nurtured over the years by other scholars and friends, most notably Hal Rothman, Susan Strasser, and Char Miller, among many others. We thank the Miami University Humanities Center, the Department of History, the American Studies Program, and the Program in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies for providing funds to support the scholars whose work is included in this volume. In addition , we thank the College of Arts and Science Dean’s Office at Miami University for providing subvention funds for publication. Bill Deverell and Alan Jutzi at the Huntington Library provided us cogent advice and a congenial space to complete some of the final revisions. We would also like to thank Bob Lockhart, Acquisitions Editor at the University of Pennsylvania Press, who has provided unwavering support of this volume from its inception. His engagement every step of the way has helped us hone our central themes and intent while giving us the freedom to develop and explore our shared interests. This volume would never have come to fruition without the support and encouragement of our respective partners and families. Ben, Callie, and Hugh Jacks not only celebrated birthdays and an anniversary on their own while Peggy Shaffer was off gorilla trekking in Uganda, but they also encouraged and humored her obsession with the everyday mishmash of nature and culture . Throughout this project, Phoebe Young’s sons, Marlin and Darby, never failed to remind her that there was fun with nature to be had outside of her computer; Noah Finkelstein never let her forget the joys of discussing big 406 Acknowledgments ideas or get too far away from the hammock’s-eye view on the world. We also honor our mothers, Marguerite J. Palmer and Gale Young, for cultivating our senses of exploration and engagement that sit at the root of this volume. ...


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