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Acknowledgments The seeds of this book were planted at the Elon University Research Seminar on Critical Transitions: Writing and the Question of Transfer. We thank Elon University and the seminar facilitators—Jessie Moore, Chris M. Anson, and Randy Bass—as well as our fellow seminar participants . For one blissful week during the summers of 2011, 2012, and 2013 we were privileged to be part of “transfer camp” (as we called it). The time, space, and brilliant interlocutors in the seminar are present throughout this book. We also thank the participants in the threshold concepts wiki and the contributors to this collection. One Tuesday morning in January 2012, we e-mailed forty-five colleagues to ask if they would participate in an experiment that seemed a little crazy. We had our first response within ten minutes, the first of many enthusiastic yeses, which made us think that this might come to something after all. We are grateful to the scholar/teachers who participated in this project, as well as to all of those who provided feedback during the process of its development. This book, we believe, is a testament to the generosity and spirit of collaboration and collegiality that are hallmarks of our field. Thanks also to the many colleagues and professionals who provided feedback on the threshold concepts included here, as well as on others that have been developed in the many workshops we have conducted and conferences at which we’ve presented (individually and together). Finally, thanks to some individuals: Adam Salazar for taking on the detail-oriented work of organizing and copyediting early drafts of the manuscript; Nkosi Shanga for his ongoing support and his ability to spot and take lovely photos, like the one of St. George’s Castle in Lisbon that graces the front cover of this book; and to Scott Kassner and Nora Kassner for all that they do. ...


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