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Preface The self-interest model has had sweeping success over recent decades in the study of both economics and politics. Yet the inner ambiguities and limitations of that model could not indefinitely escape notice and examination. Self interest in some interpretation is some of the story some of the time, never the whole story. On March 3 and 4, 1972, a number of social scientists met at Russell Sage Foundation to speculate and theorize on the roles that altruism and morality in a society may play in shaping human behavior and institutions within it. The nine papers presented at the conference are by economists. The commentaries on them were drawn from representatives of other disciplines, primarily philosophy and law. This volume is a rough. approximation to the proceedings of the conference. An introduction by the editor has been added to announce some of the main themes and to bring out some of the interrelations among the papers. The contributors are grateful to Russell Sage Foundation for its sponsorship of the conference and of this volume. Particular thanks go to Orville Brim, Jr., former president of the Foundation, to Eleanor Bernert Sheldon, now president of the Social Science Research Council, and to Hugh F. Cline, now president of Russell Sage Foundation. The editor is also grateful to William Baumol for allowing the use of his paper in place of one of the original conference papers subsequently withdrawn. New York May 1974 E.S.P. ix ...


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