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Appendix D Family Genealogy Genealogical research is in many ways similar to peeling an onion—with each freshly uncovered layer, there is a new reason to cry. With the circle of family history research growing wider every day, it is quite likely that many kin relationships to Billy Sunday or his wife, Helen Thompson, will surface after publication of this work. The goal of this genealogy is to show the overall structure of Billy Sunday’s family, not necessarily to achieve an exhaustive family tree. The assembly of a total family-tree diagram, while interesting, would be too unwieldy for the format of this book; therefore, an hourglass-style diagram has been employed to provide a concise picture of the core structure of his family. The subsequent kinship report offers the names of a myriad of Sunday relatives, most of whom were discovered as a result of this study, along with their birth dates when known and their relationship to Billy Sunday. To obtain current genealogical information on the Sunday and Thompson families, contact the Billy Sunday Historic Site Museum in Winona Lake, Indiana. The most often asked question pertaining to the Sunday family is, “Are there any surviving descendants of Billy Sunday?” After months of research focused on this specific question, the answer regrettably remains, “We’re not absolutely sure.” Billy Sunday had only three grandchildren: John M. Sunday, who died as a teenager in automobile accident in 1934; Mark Paul Haines, who died at the age of thirty-nine of acute hepatitis, only a few months after his grandmother Nell Sunday died while visiting him in Phoenix; and George Marquis Sunday Jr., who died in 1968. Of these grandchildren, only George Jr. had children, one boy, Marquis Ashley Sunday, Billy Sunday’s only known great-grandchild. Marquis, known as Marq, was born in Los Angles on September 15, 1940, shortly after which his parents separated and Marq was left without the care of either parent. His mother, Alma Baine, attempted to gain custody rights in 1947 but lost the case, leaving Marq to be reared by his grandmother, Harriet Mason Sunday. After Harriet died in 1960, Marquis slipped away from view until his violent death in San Francisco on March 22, 1982, at the age of forty-one. Marquis was shot in the chest with a .22-caliber pistol during an argument with his common-law wife, Barbara Barnato. To date, no obituary, Social Security record, or other document of any kind has been found to determine if Marquis Sunday had offspring. Hourglass Family Tree of William Ashley Sunday Ancestors of William Ashley Sunday William Ashley Sunday, born November 19, 1862, in Story County IA; died November 6, 1935, in Chicago. William Ashley Sunday was buried November 9, 1935, Forest Home Cemetery, Chicago. He was the son of William A. Sunday and Mary Jane Cory. He married Helen Amelia Thompson September 5, 1888, in Chicago. She was born June 25, 1868, in Dundee IL and died February 20, 1957, in Phoenix AZ. She was the daughter of William J. Thompson and Ellen Binnie. parents William A. Sunday, born 1828 in Chambersburg PA or Perry County PA; died December 22, 1862, in Camp Patterson MO. He was believed to be buried in an unmarked grave at Camp Patterson, but his remains were never recovered. He was the son of John Sunday and Jane. He married Mary Jane Cory October 18, 1857, in Story County IA. Mary Jane Cory, born July 25, 1840, in Syracuse IN; died June 25, 1916, in Winona Lake IN. She was buried at Cory Burying Ground, Story County IA. She was the daughter of Squire Martin Cory and Mary Ann Woods. Children of William A. Sunday and Mary Jane Cory*: a. Albert Monroe Sunday, born August 3, 1858, in Story County IA; died December 12, 1900, in Nevada IA. Notes for Albert Monroe Sunday: The death date of December 12, 1900, comes from Albert’s tombstone at the Cory Burying Ground, Story County IA. The Iowa Cemetery Records record Albert’s death as 1893. b. Howard Edward Sunday, born 1861 in Story County IA; died 1938 in Hood River OR; married Ellen McDonald 1882; born 1860 in Iowa; died 1937 in Hood River OR. c. William Ashley Sunday, born November 19, 1862, in Story County IA; died November 6, 1935, in Chicago; married Helen Amelia Thompson September 5, 1888, in Chicago. *Mary Jane Cory had two children with James M. Heizer, who would have been...


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