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Appendix A Revivals and Appearances No comprehensive list exists of Billy Sunday’s revivals and speaking appearances . The information provided here is compiled from a variety of sources of both reasonable approximations as well as precise dates when known, so that a valid overall picture can be gleaned from the data. The work of compiling a comprehensive listing of all of Billy Sunday’s revivals and isolated appearances is within our grasp, but it will take a large hand to accomplish the task. Known source materials spanning the country await a researcher’s query, and the list provided below, while making use of over 200 sources, can only be considered a partial listing of Sunday’s appearances. This list of Sunday’s 548 documented revivals and isolated appearances is arranged in alphabetical order according to state. For some revival campaigns, only a year is known; for many others, just the month(s) and year. A few fell so deeply through the cracks over the years that now we can only provide an educated guess at the date. Sadly, there are a few places where Billy Sunday reportedly spoke but no hint whatsoever exists to give even a reasonable estimation of the date. This last category runs dangerously close to hearsay, but these places have been included in this list in hopes of further substantiating the claims. The intermingling of precise figures with informed estimations can become misleading if the data are not strictly categorized according to their level of authenticity . For this reason, each entry is clearly labeled according to its documentary level of support. As old newspapers become indexed across the country, new information will certainly come to light. For the latest information on Billy Sunday ’s appearances, individuals should contact the Billy Sunday Historic Site Museum in Winona Lake, Indiana. No marks accompanying figures utilizing the format “month/day/year– month/day/year” indicates fully documented information. Single-appearance dates are indicated by “month/day/year.” * = Either the beginning or ending date of the revival is unknown, shown in the format “month/day–month/day/year” or vice versa. c = Year given is a reasonable approximation, plus or minus two years. m = Month(s) and year documented. p = Place-name of appearance location is the only known information; there is no date information. s = Year is substantiated not with direct documentary evidence about the revival but by the fact that the sequence of this revival in the context of other documented revivals is known; hence the year shown is a reasonable assumption. y = Year documented. United States Appendix A 112 alabama Mobile 1–2/1927 m arkansas El Dorado 1934 c california Camp Kearny 10/27/1917 (during Los Angeles) Los Angeles 9/2/1917–10/28/1917, 6/7/1925, 1/25/1931, 1934 y San Diego 8/7/1915–8/10/1915, 10/27/1917 (during Los Angeles), 1931 y Selma 1934 y colorado Boulder 9/5/1909–10/10/1909, 7/16/1931 Canon City 3/26/1905–4/23/1905 Colorado Springs 6–7/1914 m Denver 9/6/1914–10/25/1914, 4/7/1927, 4/30/1929 Salida 9/22/1906–10/21/1906 Sterling 5–6/1929 m connecticut Meriden 1935 y New Haven 3/16/1931–3/1931* delaware Smyrna 1935 y florida Daytona Beach 2/17/1921, 1931 y, 1935 y Jacksonville 11/10/1920–12/20/1920 St. Augustine 3/1919 m St. Petersburg p Tampa 3/20/1919–4/13/1919, 3–4/1927 m, 1935 y West Palm Beach 1931 y georgia Athens 11/24/1917 (during Atlanta) Atlanta 11/4/1917–12/23/1917 Camp Gordon 11/29/1917 (during Atlanta), 12/19/1917 (during Atlanta) Cartersville 12/10/1917 (during Atlanta) College Park 11/17/1917 (during Atlanta) Decatur 11/17/1917 (during Atlanta) Savannah p Toccoa 11/26/1917 (during Atlanta) illinois Aledo 10/1905 m Alton-Piasa p Aurora 4/10/1927–5/22/1927 Belleville p Belvidere 1901 c, 6/3/1902 Berwyn 1926 c Bloomington 12/27/1908–2/3/1908, 4/1/1918 (during Chicago) Camp Epworth 10/1901 m Canton 1905 y Carthage 1903 y Charleston 1908 y, 8/1/1911 Chicago 10/25/1915, 3/10/1918–5/20/1918, 5/25/1930–5/31/1930, 1935 y Clinton-Weldon Springs p Danville 3/1910–4/16/1910* Decatur 2/7/1908–3/17/1908, 1935 y Des Plaines p Dixon 2/16/1905–3/20/1905...


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