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CONTENTS Preface tx CHAPTER ONE The Renaissance I CHAPTER TWO The Critic of Form 33 CHAPTER THREE The Living & the Dead 69 CHAPTER FOUR The House Beautiful & the Cathedral I03 CHAPTER FIVE The Hard) Gemlike Flame m Aurelian Rome I3I Notes I73 Index I85 This page intentionally left blank "The human body in its beauty, as the highest potency of the beauty of material objects, seemed to him just then to be matter no longer, but, having taken celestial fire, to assert itself as indeed the true, though visible, soul or spirit in things." "From that maxim of Life as the end of life, followed, as a practical consequence , the desirableness of refining all the instruments of inward and outward intuition, of developing all their capacities , of testing and exercising one's self in them, till one's whole nature became one complex medium of reception, towards the vision-the 'beatific vision,' if we really cared to make it such-of our actual experience in the world." "It seemed just then as if the desire of the artist in him-that old longing to produce -might be satisfied by the exact and literal transcript of what was then passing around him, in simple prose, arresting the desirable moment as it passed, and prolonging its life a little.-To live in the concrete! To be sure, at least, of one's hold upon that!-Again, his philosophic scheme was but the reflection of the data of sense, and chiefly of sight, a reduction to the abstract, of the brilliant road he travelled on, through the sunlight" MARIUS THE EPICUREAN This page intentionally left blank ...


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