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• 207 • ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I would like to thank Hanne Winarsky, Christopher Chung, Debbie Tegarden, Kelly Malloy, Sarah Caldwell, Julie Haenisch, Bob Bettendorf, Alison Anuzis, Jessica Pellien, Shaquona Crews, Brigitta van Rheinberg, and Tracy Baldwin at Princeton University Press. An especially grateful thank you goes to my copy editor, Jodi Beder. Rachel Shea, Ron Charles, and my other colleagues at the Washington Post Book World generously allowed me a break from my weekly reviews , so that I might focus on this project. Andy Solberg deserves a special shout-out for the use of his beach house for some uninterrupted time to work on these pages. My friend Tom Mann at the Library of Congress provided some essential reference material. Peter Blau, the greatest all- 208 • round Sherlockian collector of our time, kindly lent me some books from his library. Christopher and Barbara Roden read an initial draft of the manuscript, saved me from error, and offered invaluable advice. Dan Stashower did the same for the final proofs. Much of what I know about Conan Doyle and Sherlock Holmes I owe to them and to the work of Owen Dudley Edwards, Jon Lellenberg, Leslie Klinger, Steven Rothman, Steve Doyle, and the late Richard Lancelyn Green. Many others, through their conversation or example, contributed to my Sherlockian education, including Don Pollock, Albert, Julia, and Betsy Rosenblatt, Otto Penzler, Richard Sveum, Julie McKuras, Cliff Goldfarb, Lloyd Rose, Michael Whelan and Mary Ann Bradley, Andy Solberg (again), Susan Rice, Evelyn Herzog, Dana Richards, Thomas Cynkin, Ralph Earle, Susan Dahlinger, John Baesch, Leroy Lad Panek, Christopher Frayling, Andy Fusco, Barbara Rusch, Neil Gaiman, Scott Monty, Laurie King, Bill Vande Water, Bill Dorn, NicholasUtechin,GeorgeA.Vanderburgh,Hartley Nathan, Catherine Cooke, Tim Johnson, Peggy Perdue, David Stuart Davies and Kathryn White, Jonathan and Elaine McCafferty, Roger Johnson, Roy Pilot, and Randall Stock. I hope that those friends I have inadvertently overlooked will forgive me. I can hardly stress enough that I alone am responsible for any mistakes or misjudgments in On Conan Doyle. As always, my agents Glen Hartley and Lynn Chu offered their wise counsel and guidance. Not least, I want to thank Marian Peck Dirda and our sons Chris, Mike, and Nate, as well as my fellow members of the two most exclusive and shadowy groups in Washington: the Half-Pay Club and the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. • Note: Bits and pieces of this book appeared, usually in wildly different form, in various venues . Allow me to thank the Washington Post Book World, the Friends of the Arthur Conan Doyle Collection of the Toronto Public Library, Canadian Holmes, the Baker Street Journal, the online Barnes & Noble Review, Ash-Tree Press, and Calabash Press. Acknowledgments • 209 ...


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