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CONTENTS List of Illustrations ix Preface and Acknowledgments xi Introduction 1 Chapter 1 Crosscurrents of Crisis in 1970s America 19 Trouble Abroad 22 Corruption at Home 36 Conservatism and the Distrust of Government 45 Economic Insecurity 53 Turning Inward 63 Chapter 2 The Rising Tide of Equality and Democratic Reform 73 Women in the Public Sphere 76 Women in the Private Sphere 88 The Many Frontiers of Equality 96 Political Reform 108 Resistance 114 Chapter 3 The Spread of Market Values 122 A Sea Change of Principles 126 The Economy Goes South 133 Globalization’s Gathering Speed 137 From Citizenship to Deregulation 144 Market Solutions for Every Problem 153 A Freer Market, A Coarser Culture 162 viii CONTENTS Chapter 4 The Retreat of Empires and the Global Advance of the Market 175 The Emergence of Human Rights 179 European Empires and Southern Africa 186 The Soviet Empire 193 The American Empire 201 The Israeli Exception 208 The Retreat of the State 214 China and the Hollowing Out of Socialism 220 Chapter 5 Resistance to the New Hyper-Individualism 227 The Environmentalist Challenge 231 Religious Resurgence at Home 247 Religious Resurgence in Israel 258 Religious Resurgence in the Muslim World 263 Jimmy Carter as a Man of His Times 270 Chapter 6 More and Less Equal since the 1970s 279 Evidence to the Contrary 280 Inclusiveness Ascending 287 Markets Persisting 295 Unrestrained Consumption 299 Inequality Rising 306 Conclusion 312 Notes 319 Index 371 ...


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